A good laugh can lift the spirits and calm the soul, especially if these laughs are directed by naughty kids and their madcap costumes. There was a viral video of a toddler dressed up as Nemo the fish and confidently strutting through a busy supermarket. The onlookers loved the style and shared muffled giggles at the baby star. Obviously, the baby thought it was fun to shop with mom wearing a colourful costume. While you are hunting down clothes aisles for the perfect kigurumi we have a well-stocked baby onesies collection right here at Belife.  

We have come up with a list of the most hilarious costumes for you to pick and choose.

  1. Red Chicken

We have heard of redheads but, red chicken this is something new for us. The cute onesies have an adorable neon green hoodie too. Talk about a colourful flamboyance.

  1. Polar

Polar bears are known for their amusing antics in the snow, this endearing white bear onesie is perfect for the little one who loves to frolic around.

  1. Darling Duckling

Scrooge McDuck and his nephew ducklings are known to undertake fun adventures. This bright fluffy yellow onesie is apt for the kid who loves to play outdoors. The hoodie features the famous duck pout too.

  1. Eat, Play, Sleep and repeat

Childhood is wittily notorious for only one thing being lazy. The joy of being able to just eat, sleep, and play never comes back again. Hold your giggles as this sloth onesie mirrors the same.

  1. Luxurious

A cat is known to own his master and so do kids who love to get things done in luxurious ways by their parents. To all the kids who enjoy being a cat and love being pampered the Cheshire cat is your spirit animal.

  1. Monkeying

Hanging out with friends and creating ruckus is common for a kid and healthy too if done in the right way. Dress them up in monkey onesies as they tumble and play the whole day. Do not worry about scratches and scraped knees. The material is soft and tough to protect delicate skin.

  1. Foxy

Fox in grandma’s house was pretty cunning for little red riding hood except for this cute fox wearing a cozy onesies will love to eat all the hidden cookies from the cookie jar.

  1. Snowman

Olaf was one cheeky fella who wanted to enjoy summer, even in winter, for the cheerful kid in the house who appreciates all the good things in life. The Olaf onesies are the ideal outfit for lounging around with popcorns and a good Disney movie.

  1. One Eyed

Even though being one-eyed ugly monster Mike Wazowski had a heart of gold. If your child loves to share things and help others out, then no greater than wearing this superhero like a costume.

  1. Panda-monium

Panda’s love to wrestle along with their siblings all day long. Got more than two kids who create commotion all day, then this panda onesies is the apt kigurumi to gift.

  1. Baby Cow

The calf is known to be close to their mother and so do the little ones. The naughty ones who love to trouble their mother a cow onesies look delightful for a fun evening shopping and following your mother all around.

  1. Adorable Dino

Baby dinosaurs look so sweet with their matching accessories and hoodie. Not ferocious, but these creatures love tight hugs.

  1. Unicorn

There is a wide collection of dreamy unicorn onesies which come in different colours and themes. Any child who loves fantasy will love wearing these fluffy bodysuits all day.

  1. Lion

King of the jungle is actually a swishy little baby lion. We always have that one kid who loves to play the leader. For them wearing a lion onesies during a playdate will soar their confidence.

  1. Giraffe-ing

Short kids get picked up by tall kids for bullying. To boost the morale of a kid dress them up in a giraffe onesies. They will feel tall enough soon.

These Belife onesies cause to share memorable giggles to the ones who wear it and ones who see it. They are fully loaded to spread happiness and cheer. You and your baby will have a good time sporting one of these for family functions and other occasions.