What hits your mind as soon as you hear the word ‘WILD’? Spirited, animated, fast, confident and untamed! Yes, these are the adjectives that we could recall whenever we think of something wild. Well, designating this word to a warm and cushy costume would make it appear cute too, which is facilitated by the great designing team at Belife who have given it all to create wild Kigurumi Onesie which should be the most trendy and popular costume this holiday season.

There is a wide range of Kigurumi that is present at Belife with is so huge that you may be eternally baffled on what to choose and what not to pick. So let's throw light on a few animals Kigurumi from the entire collection:

1. Fox Kigurumi

This amazing attire is most appropriate for that birthday bash tonight! This fox Kigurumi available in sizes 4-10 will render you a look of cunning, little predator that loves his/her food and will add the right spirit. Made of polar fleece it is optimally soft and allows you to simply dig inside that couch for a relaxing nap too. This is orange body with white chest and white-tipped tail adding that cuteness.

2. Lion Onesie

This should be your pick if you like to lead the whole gang of animals and be the life of the party as promised by ‘Belife’. This costume by Belife is the best if you’d like to twin with your cub on his/her special day. Adorning this animal Kigurumi will add a fierce, authoritarian, strong and fun element in your disposition at the party. The most awe-inspiring part is its furry hood, the attire is made of flannel, has pockets and with a cute tail too which can prove to be a great gift option.

3. Smart as a shark

Adding to a great compendium of onesies is this unique outfit that if even perfect for gifting to your buddy o her birthday. Unlike the repelling trait of the fish, this costume makes you rather attractive and makes your pool party a fun thing. The wild look of the big fish stays intact while adding a fleecy, easygoing and impalpable appeal to your personality. Made of polar fleece it has a pointy tooth opening about its hood that makes it one of the most charismatic animal onesies around.

4. Red Panda Onesies

This could be another wise option to gift during this holiday season because the color contrast is so appealing and keeps them warm and cozy. Red pandas also known as fire-foxes not just look cute but have an aggressive appeal if they are messed up with. So why not sport this lovely costume on a festive evening with friends and family. You will stand unique and charming with awesome white tears and funny ringed tail as well.

5. Chipmunk pajamas

Well, do you go ‘nuts’ while hopping and dancing?  Yes, then this is where you stop and purchase it for your best friend too who is as adventurous, a frequent hopper and likes to be free in spirit as you do. This could be a most cherished gift for your friend who would love these Kigurumi pajamas for its relaxing fit, amazing color contrast and mounting tail while jumping around and you two can have wild fun.

These different animal costumes would be a super-hit idea for gifting your loved ones this holiday season as this Kigurumi ensures freedom, style, and comfort to sit, relax or sleep as much as one wants.