The favorite time of the year is here – Halloween! How many hours are you spending in front of DIY video tutorials, learning to apply the perfect scary makeup? Or browsing innumerable online stores to find the perfect Halloween costume? Still haven’t found one yet? Fret not coz we at Belife have opened up a world of Cosplay costumes just for you!  Imagine the ideal Halloween scene – comfortable Kigurumi’s, bowls of candies, and fun all around. Forget complicated costumes and enjoy the horror fête by unleashing the kid in you.

Kigurumi means?

Animegao kigurumi, is actually a Japanese term meaning wearing costumes in the style of animals or cartoon characters. More often than not the wearer looking like a giant stuffed toy.

Belife has onesies for all ages from toddlers to adults. There is a wide variety for everyone.

Toddler Onesies :

Halloween Costumes for all ages - Just What You Need for Halloween

Dress up your toddler like a cute bear, panda, rabbit, duck, leopard, and tiger. A sweet combination of colors and very comfortable soft material will gel with your baby. Instead of being in a cranky mood while Trick-o-Treating your child will enjoy collecting candies. Also fall being a chilly season these onsies will protect the baby’s delicate skin from the harsh stinging winter wind.

Are you a Unicorn or a Dinosaur ? :

Halloween Costumes for all ages - Just What You Need for Halloween

Why not throw a backyard Jurassic themed Halloween party for the boys? Or a magical unicorn theme girl’s night out? Sounds lit right! There are plenty of cosplay costumes to choose from for your son or daughter. Or maybe both want to end up being a pink dinosaur. These multi-colored onesies enable free movement and are made out of cozy flannel material. Click Instagram worthy pictures and videos as your kid goes gallivanting down the neighborhood collecting sweets.

Cute Skeleton or a Piglet ? :

Halloween Costumes for all ages - Just What You Need for Halloween

Who said adults can’t have fun? Whether you pair your costume with queer makeup is your choice but these adult onesies are too good to steal the spotlight on Halloween. Dress up like a bat or skeleton, or end up being a lazy sloth or an owl. All of them are designed unisex so now even men can have fun playing a unicorn or flying squirrel. We guess a zoo themed Halloween party would bring the night down. Imagine sneaking all the candies in this oversized outfit! Nope no one saw that for sure!

You definitely don’t need the wild side of fear to capture attention, a cute stuffed tail could grab enough eye balls this Hallows Eve. Oh! there goes, a black cat, no don’t spook its just someone in Belife onesie!