Do you want ideas for your next theme party? You are just a scroll away from our myriad theme collection at Belife. Kigurumi is already fun wear, most comfortable piece of fleece and flannel you could drop by, the loose and warm outfit and the trendiest one. Moreover, breaking the solid and plain designs of Kigurumi comes with the invasion of themes by the character Kigurumi which makes for a show stopping idea for all kids and adults.

Be it a sun-kissed picnic day out, a chilly winter evening or a get-together over a rainy day in your home lounge, a Onesie can never go out of fashion. So, it is the time to break the humdrum by wearing those t-shirts, lowers or not-so-warm heavy coats, therefore slips into these onesies for an absolute roller- coaster ride.

Let’s throw some light on varied character Kigurimis and how can they be unbeatable ideas for a theme party:

Totoro inspired Onesie

This character is quite famous in Japan for its gothic and scary reputation around which many animated movies have run popular among children. It became quite popular and has been favorite of many kids among all languages and cultures. Coming in a polar fleece material, this Totoro Onesie is a cool option to pick to cast a spell with its scary appeal, yet looking cute and stuffy throughout.

The young lot can do many activities like a play, a run and chase game or peek-a-boo with this wonderful theme-based Kigurumi. Even on a hangout day at a local mall, you may ask your teenagers to dress up into this stuffed attire made of excellent polar fleece to be eye-catchy and invite many eye-balls rolling at them. This sound cool for youngsters for their theme party especially for weekends.

The pocket monster inspired Onesie

The popular cartoon shows Pokemon which originated from Japan has been adapted into many versions and modes like movies, games, and shows through the globe. The scintillating character its into this soft and cushy attire of Pokémon Pikachu Onesie. It is a pocket-friendly option and will look awe-inspiring when adorned by those little ‘Pikachus’ hopping and jumping through your garden on the theme party.

Imagine all of the little Pokemon's playing a Pokémon video game wearing this costume which is so snug and warm at the same time. This could be a perfect solution to all your winter worries when your child will enjoy with his/her team whole day without giving you, sudden anxiety dorks.

Bat, the Superhero Onesies

Another great idea for a theme party is to own a Batman Onesie for your kid where he could bring out his superhero traits by flaunting this zipped Onesie and indulging into this character via role play. This session can be highly dramatized simultaneously assuring fun and learning.

Available in all sizes, it has a detachable cloak as well and a bright yellow batman crests on the chest. This enclothe is excellent for theme parties or even can be worn at a fancy dress competition at school.

Why not go unconventional and still look bright and happy? Dressing into these character onesies is cool, trendy and fun. Both children and adults can join in together and have a bash. So, the Kigurumi can spice up your events the way you wouldn’t have ever thought of.