What do we all actually wish in life? A comfortable living and if we can find that small happiness right at home it will be magic. Belife takes you on one such exquisite journey with its cute and comfy collection of onesies. These are not just Cosplay costumes for rare occasions, but a lifestyle. We have compiled a list of the hottest onesies to own for a plush existence.

1. Tabby Cat

11 Cute, Comfy Onesies you’ll want To Live In

Take cues from the feline creatures in your house. How they expect to be waited on like royalty and enjoy leisurely time napping in the sun. You too can look cute like cat with this onesies and expect to lead a cozy life.

2. Red Panda

11 Cute, Comfy Onesies you’ll want To Live In

Just like the soft, dense fur of the red panda these onesies promise to keep you snug in the cold weather.  The flannel cloth is luxurious and makes a wonderful body suit for long duration.

3. Mike

Monster Inc was quiet iconic and this one-eyed monster had captured many hearts as the kind hearted one. You too can immortalize his style with this adorable onesies. The front stitiched buttons give an easy accessibility and coverage.

4. Kangaroo 

11 Cute, Comfy Onesies you’ll want To Live In

Imagine all the snacks and favorite bottles of drink you can keep in the front pouch of this chic onesies. Makes it the perfect choice to sneak in some popcorns too during the movie.

5. Duckie

11 Cute, Comfy Onesies you’ll want To Live In

Lounging by the pool with a book never was so interesting as wearing this onesies. Also clicking some insane pictures with this particular outfit will gain you more followers on the Insta.

6. Dragon

A dragon doesn’t have to be dangerous it can be a breathable gentle giant. Channel the inner fearless you by donning this costume.

7. Piglet

11 Cute, Comfy Onesies you’ll want To Live In

In the movie Babe the little piglet was the favorite of everyone in the farm similarly you will be the charming everyone with this cute pink onesies. You could even wear it for a shopping spree in town coz it looks so comfy.

8. Deer

Deers love to be in packs and be a tight family, buy this endearing onesies for the whole family and take a memorable outing trip together.

9. Rainbow

11 Cute, Comfy Onesies you’ll want To Live In

Rainbows mean a good time lies ahead and the color blast ensures your mood is happy and bright. Unicorns are delightful creatures and wearing a rainbow inspired unicorn onesies will keep you in upbeat mood all day.

10. Rilakkuma

Cute teddy like Japanese chacter suits you or your sibling more? If you wish to be the adult version of a teddy bear then most welcome to try out this amazing kigurumi. If you are a boy then expect to get plenty of cuddles from your love.

11. Bat

Bats are considered ominous creatures but you don’t need to worry about hanging upside down from a door. Instead feel like a superhero with a cape and hoodie. It has an appealing  vibe and can be worn to a fun costume party.

Don’t forget these onesies come with amazing discount offers and accessories. A multiple time investment that will make your life exciting and you would wish to live in these gorgeous onesies forever.