Unicorn in itself is quite a magical, mystical and wonderful figure. It is getting popular among young girls and women as they flaunt them on their attires like pants, t-shirts, accessories- hair clips, bands and what not.  The symbol of strength and femininity go strong for forceful women who like to shine differently. Similarly, Belife devised the need to bring in some Unicorn designs into it’s Kigurumi fashion, thus decided to go beyond typical Japanese street fashion.

Let’s see how these trendy loose outfits from Belife also can invade your bedrooms for good night’s sleep after a long day:

1. Paint your sleep in seven bright colors with Rainbow Unicorn Onesie

Let the colors decide the degree of happiness and beauty of your sleep. This loose fit, soft and chic outfit can make for a wonderful Kigurumi unicorn as you go into your linen to relax for the night ahead.

This fabric is so warm and cozy that it will make you relax in your bed without any need to take a blanket on you.

2. Slip into your favorite color with this Pink Star Onesie and be full of pride

Pink is a soft color that is dear to all females, it makes you look soft, innocent and cozy, and inter-wined with Flannel material it is perfect to render you great insulation from the chill in the nights.

 Why not just embrace this Pink Star Unicorn Kigurumi and stay happy and joyful while you sleep. This piece has a beautiful rainbow tail, that will add that needed glitter to it’s sober appearance.

3. Galaxy unicorn Onesie makes that next great sleep wear in the list

Are you a globe trotter? Do you dream of traveling through cities, countries, hemispheres or the galaxy? If yes, then this one is for that traveler in you. The good vibes of this so tepid and warm outfit will help you stay rejuvenated while you sleep.

The beautiful sparkling pink and blue waves adorned with stars give you that perfect escape into the open sky and enjoy your ride through the galaxy wearing this beautifully hooded Onesie. It is like one absolute youth unicorn Onesie, that will make your age just a number.

4. How about some purple magic as you sleep into your linen

Yes, purple color is trendy, electrifying, yet sober and wonderful. It is so powerful and enigmatic at the same time, if this color is clubbed into this wonderful unicorn sleepwear Kigurumi imagine how deadly the combination can be cute and wild together.

Well, this artistic piece is made in white and purple combination, having a fluffy mane and tail, which is so adorable that your heart will go with to sleep tight to beat the chill.

5. Dreaming Star Unicorn Onesie for those real sweet dreams

Remember, the last time someone wished you ‘good night and sweet dreams’  and you got exactly the opposite? Phew! Well, Belife has come to your rescue this time and is all set to sort your sleep time with this wonderful and gorgeous Dreaming star unicorn Onesie made of soft flannel which is high quality and is super soft like a baby’s touch.

These costumes are even perfect if you stay in them for whole day, so sleeping would just be a cakewalk in these loose fit pajama style onesies. Also, this sis so colorful that it will change the whole aura for you, so however dull your day has been, you’ll still shine through the nights comfortably.