Belife loves to design these wonderful character onesies for their customers. Since, we believe in quality, trust and love we have decided to form an eternal bond of faith between our brand and our precious buyers. We do not just sell our garments for once, we want a regular cycle of customers t be there for us, therefore, the best quality material is what we sell.

However, we also care for you and believe that all the character onesies that you buy from us shall be taken care of most appropriately to make it last long. Simply, buying it and then not caring much for it cannot guarantee undisturbed wearing if these beautiful Kigurumi.

Let’s check out some ways, on how to take care of these amazing loose fit costumes you have bought from Belife:

Do not wash them too frequently

Say your young one’s wore their favorite Kigurumi. to a birthday bash. In which they sat, danced a little and chatted a lot with their friends. After attending the party for some 3 hours you come back home.

If you see that the Kigurumi is neat and clean then just ditch washing it after just one use. Why not make them wear the same on the upcoming Sunday movie outing and then wash it?

Yes, this way you almost cut on 50% of the washes, therefore just do it when absolutely necessary. Because, even if you buy the best quality fabric, it definitely will wear out soon with frequent washing.

Fold them nicely along the crease

If your little one wore their loveliest Disney character Onesie on this Sunday picnic and after washing you just fold it randomly and place it in a cupboard, then please halt from making that mistake.

 To maintain the exact look and to avoid the unwanted gatherings on the costume, always fold it crease to crease as it came in the package.

This way, the exact design and shape of the garment will stay like it was primarily and will stay lasting.

Do basic timely repairs

    These character onesies for adults as well as kids, though have been tailored according to the standard measurement for optimal comfort, yet there could be some threads popping out or a button that would fall because you were dancing wild last night.

    So, instead of procrastinating, thinking that it is painful to repair it, gear up quick to do the small repairs timely. This will keep the outfit ready to wear at all times you need it.

    Always make a point to empty your pockets

      Do make it a point to check your kids character Onesie, especially if they have come from outside. They might have dropped in a toffee, a chocolate or a tissue they wanted to dispose but forgot to. These items can surely deteriorate the cloth quality of they decompose in the pockets.

      Close all zips and tie all the fasteners while washing

      Do make it a point to fasten the belts of these onesies (if the piece has it) and the zips should be closed when you put them inside the wash tub. If open, they could be easily damaged while they brush with a harder material inside the tub.

      Hence, these could be the top five care tips to keep in your mind as you invest money into these beautiful attires, for you wish to keep them healthy and glowing for longer.