Today we are going to see why there is so much of crushing around these cute costumes and we have everyone from the Kardashians to Beyonce loving this trendy onesies style. Be it lounge-worthy official meetings or coffee-dates, movie nights or holiday season we are seeing a new age miracle outfit that zips all the way up like a cozy blanket. You will feel so lazy wearing one that eventually you turn into a snugly. So what is so special about this kigurumi fashion that it’s disappearing out of the shop racks and online stores in a jiffy?

That’s right Belife has a variety of kigurumi’s and they are selling like hotcakes! For the ones who are still behind on this super trend, we would like to fill in all the details.

  1. You can hide your muffin tops

Missed the gym? It’s the holiday season and you do not want to feel a sudden pang of guilt while gorging on all the treats. Plus, you have gained some extra weight and those muffin tops are showing along with some beer belly. Fret not! We have attractive adult onesies to the rescue. Now you can lounge around the snack counter without worrying about those extra kilos. Subtly hide some sweet treats in the pockets too! Also, if you are a new mother and want to hide all that baby weight, then onesies are the perfect choice for you and also your baby.

  1. Break the Norm

Why wear expensive clothes, makeup and jewellery for dates or even a night out when you can twin in onesies. Buy a matching pair for your loved ones too, and you can look like the cool neighbourhood gang or the couple goals in the block. Start a nerd club or any other secret club with a single entry costume. Be different and stand out with various style costumes.

  1. Comfort is King

Its fuss-free and you absolutely don’t need to wear layers of clothes if you need a quick fix outfit for any occasion. That is why celebs like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande are crazy about this fashion staple. Who doesn’t love the caress of soft fabric on the skin? You won’t be judged looking cute in animal onesies and plus you get to be the instant hug magnet for the ones lost in sorrow. We agree it’s a win-win deal.

  1. It’s always a Party

It’s almost psychedelic and trippy to throw theme parties centring on these wacky costumes. Make it a family affair, a kid’s birthday party, graduation party, retirement party or anniversary. There is a matching onesie for every occasion.

  1. Media Mogul

Wear, click, post and repeat! The millennia’s love to be in the spotlight and so should you. Do not be afraid to jump onto the bandwagon, we have already seen A-list celebs acing the kigurumi style with panache. Still not convinced? Just check your Instagram feed and you will know how outdated you are without onesies.


    6. Wear your inner animal

Why just an animal? Wear your inner wild self or food or even your favourite character from the movies. No one is going to judge you on how you feel about yourself. Maybe you might end up being the new age trendsetter.

No, you know why we and the world are going Ga-Ga over onesies. This one-piece will never be a passé but it is all set to rock the fashion circles and your wardrobe for a long time to come.