How many times have you posted adorable videos and pictures of your baby online? How many times do you share about your baby’s antics with your loved ones? How many times have you compared your childhood photograph’s with that of your baby to show resemblance? The answer will be countless! Parents never get tired of dressing up their little bundle of happiness and click endless pictures. For them every step is new, every gibberish word is followed by tears of joy and every little naughty mistake is an opportunity to capture on the camera. When dressing up can be so fun for parents and kids then its time you stock up their tiny wardrobe with cute kigurumi’s.

You can create epic scenes as background while they are asleep in their costumes and make them a viral star on Instagram. Belife has the most gorgeous kid’s kigurumi collection. There is even a separate collection for toddlers. It also comes with matching accessories to go with the costumes. These cozy onesies come in all sizes and are made to loosely fit the body. Hence, your child will not feel irritated and cranky in them. The fabric is soft wool that does not cause any friction to their delicate skin. Ensure that they will be thoroughly protected while they crawl around the house and create a mêlée while playing. These onesies act like a body padding for kids. We have suggested a few cute onesies below for inspiration.


  1. Bunny Bug

Easter is almost here and we need an endearing little bunny or bunnies in the house. Take them for Easter egg hunt dressed up like this. There are two variations of the colour one is white bunny onesies and the other is pink bunny onesies. Choose which suits your child best and watch them love their new outfit complete with lovable bunny ears.

  1. Bearry Nice

How many parents have nicknamed their kids Bear? We know there are plenty of cute bears out there in the world who love tight hugs. For them, there are the brown, pink and white bear onesies. Just don’t hibernate yet you sweet as a honey bear!

  1. Nighty Night

Pyjama’s stories with magical characters and realms are a constant source of glee during bedtime stories. Dressing your kids in colourful unicorn onesies will transport them into a make-believe world of fairies and elves. This will also ensure they don’t get nightmares as they snuggle in their balmy onesies.

  1. Ice age Elephant

We know Disney’s Ice Age movie had woolly mammoths but a woolly grey elephant is delightfully cuddlier. The pink details on the hoodie ears make the outfit charming, your little baby elephant will melt your heart, even when it goes rampaging around the house during playtime.

  1. Hear me Roar

This tiny lion has nothing to be afraid of as he/she climbs on counters tops looking for their favourite snack. Channelling in the King of the Jungle is not a bad idea after all. Not to mention the woolly mane that makes the outfit appealing.

  1. So Wise

Harry Potter fans can dress up their kids in this adorable owl onesies. Maybe your child loves to read, there is always an old soul kid in the house who is astute beyond his/her age.  Powder blue is the new colour trend in the fashion circles will elevate the style quotient of this costume.

  1. Pinky Promise

How can an extinct ferocious creature look sweet? Pink dinosaur is not a myth, at least not in the world of onesies. The pastel colour is not inspired by girls alone, but boys can wear them too. The unisex design of Belife kigurumi’s makes them the best choice for a fun, adventurous time with your kids.

Besides these charming onesies, there are also ones that will be an instant hit like the snow leopard onesies for toddlers. Olaf onesies that will inspire you to build snow castles or take up adventure snow sports with kids and many other character onesies that will drive you crazy with their style and detail.

The whole family can sport kigurumi’s and go on long drives or enjoyable picnics together. Plenty of viral shots for social media are guaranteed. Belife has a wide selection that will make Cosplay a family time every time.