So it’s happening you are the Bride-to-be and your girl gang has come up with the amazing idea of adult slumber party or you have just graduated and planning to booze the night away with your pals. Better still you just got divorced or maybe had a baby whatever the occasion we all need a night off to just let our hair down, eat out our favourite snacks and wear comfy onesies to laze around. Adult slumber parties are the best they bring back childhood memories and perhaps create new ones. Belife has the perfect collection of kigurumi’s for the ultimate night party. We have come up with some inspirational costume ideas for cosplaying during a slumber party.

1. Skeleton

Who doesn’t love a scary party? Turn off the lights, put on some horror movies or bring out the torches and share spooky tales. These costumes are not just for Halloween nights, they are fun and creative for a viral vlog too. You can make a funny, haunting video or ghost hunt video with these costumes and post on YouTube for the viewers to enjoy.

 9 Gorgeous Onesies to wear to an Adult Slumber Party

2. Santa

Everyone loves Christmas and presents so being Santa is a natural choice during this holiday season. Throw a Christmas slumber party and share secret Santa gifts with each other. Bake some cookies and enjoy hot chocolate by the fireplace.

 Gorgeous Onesies to wear to an Adult Slumber Party

3. Bear

Brown bears or green ones which one would you choose? I think it’s going to be black this time. The three bears theme can play well for the party with porridge in the morning for breakfast. Winne the pooh can be a part of it too.

4. Olaf

Since its beginning to look a lot like snow we might as well build a snowman. Olaf the goofy adorable snowman from Frozen can come to life in you. Albeit he will keep you warm in this cozy onesies. So if you plan to sing all night long in front of a bonfire and roast marshmallows this costume is ideal for it.

5. Unicorn

A happy birthday night slumber party with a magical setting, unicorn collection on Belife is wide and unique. There are onesies in blue, pink, and rainbow unicorns. A complete collection for family and friends.

6. Pluto

 9 Gorgeous Onesies to wear to an Adult Slumber Party

Pluto the lovable dog and his crazy antics, if you are someone who loves to entertain then wearing this kigurumi is apt. A magic show with goofy tricks should be on the agenda to turn it into an amusing night.

7. Dragon

These mythical fire-breathing creatures loved the dark and so do you. Arrange a dragon night complete with fantasy movie screenings and games. Videos games or simulation games featuring dragons can be a major hit for the theme. The onesies will add to the ambience and feel.

8. Pokemon

A Pokemon Go night instead of a poker night is more exciting, cosplay like your favorite Pokemon and avoid getting caught by hunters. Or maybe use your secret powers to whip up some cool snacks for the party.  

9 Gorgeous Onesies to wear to an Adult Slumber Party

9. Minion

An army of minions can bring the house down, call a DJ and party the night away. Bake banana inspired dishes or stick to drinking unique cocktails. Minions always find a way to exciting escapades. It’s time to buy a minion onesies and go on a little adventure.

There are even more exciting cosplay costumes and they come with the perfect fit. You can purchase your size by matching your height. Unleash your creativity and get started!