Think a little out of the box when it comes to gifting your loved one this Valentine season. Everyone loves a quirky, wonderful and fun gift to unwrap. Why not treat someone with a cozy and romantic item that they will cling to for the rest of their life? A gift that will make them want to cuddle in bed for a long time without feeling guilty of stuffing some snacks to munch as well. Onesies are the best deal in town for a surprise unique Valentine day party. Instead of going out to celebrate just stay indoors and enjoy an intimate stay-cation by baking heart-shaped cookies and watching rom-coms on Netflix.

Belife has an exclusive range of wacky onesies that you can choose from for your beloved. They are also running a special 20% off, especially for the Valentine week. So now do not complain about how expensive it is to shop for a gift during this love season.

Why you need onesies on Valentine’s?

  • It works like a charm on your partner, imagine unwinding wearing a pair of onesies and lit aromatic candles. A spa-like comfy touch and feel during the cold winter outside. ( It is still snowing in February!)
  • Mug cakes are all the rage and why not bake some sweet goodies as treat in onesies. Tip: Onesies are blessed with pockets so sneak in a ring inside the pocket and quickly add it to the cake for a surprise proposal.
  • You do not need to spend money on comfort blankets anymore because you will have a one-piece that fits you just right. Also, Belife onesies are made of flannel so they are super snugly and soft.

How can you still have fun with Belife collection?

  • DIY bath bombs and scented bath soaps are a creative and madcap project to carry out with your loved one. Not to mention the relaxing time you two will have in the bath-tub together.

What to wear for the DIY session?

Belife has a cool bathrobe collection that you need to have ASAP! These are Unisex and well don’t worry about who will fit into gender roles.

Bored with your home slippers? Now buy stunning unicorn slippers for a plush experience while you walk around the house. And if you are finally taking that much-needed trip with your partner, then gift them these stylish neck pillows that ensure they have a comfortable sleep during long-duration flights.

Belife is a one-stop-shop solution if you are bitten by the love bug this Valentine. Make sure to gift wrap these bundles of happiness in bright paper and watch the face of your beloved light up with joy as they unfold these weird yet amazing gifts.