Although it might seem as the party season is over and we have resumed our busy life’s. But do we really need a special reason to party? Absolutely not ! We can turn the whole 365 days into many ways of painting the town red. You just need the right mood and a fun costume. Belife has a quality range of cheeky kigurumi costumes that can become the talk of any adventurous or entertaining bash. 

Farewell Party:

Adult Party Costume - Looking For Something Brilliant?

Your boss is finally leaving or one of that colleague whom you loath so much? Then it’s time to throw the office party of the year. Pick up any of the kigurumi’s from the Belife animal collection and have a blast. You can secretly gift your boss the wolf or spotty dog onesies, all in good fun.

Break-up Party:

Adult Party Costume - Looking For Something Brilliant?

Heartbreaks are happening so fast these days among your friends that it's hard to keep a track who left whom. So instead of your bestie going into depression and boring you with break-up tales forever help them to move on with a wild night party. A Minnie mouse themed movie or bar night is not a bad idea.

Divorce Party:

Adult Party Costume - Looking For Something Brilliant?

The adult drama continues even after the big fat marriage party so why not celebrate freedom by throwing a divorce party? The girls can enjoy a hen party at a club and boys can have a fun adventurous trip to a gaming zone wearing batman costumes.

Star-Gazing Party:

Adult Party Costume - Looking For Something Brilliant?

Bought a new telescope or added a new spacious deck in the backyard? Then throw an adult themed party for the magical night. Belife has an enviable collection of starry unicorn onesies especially for such ocassions. Decorate the venue with rugs and giant pillows for star gazing and planet spotting. Maybe screen a sci-fi movie too.

An Apology Party:

Said something wrong or did something to hurt someone? Then gift them an amazing Belife onesies and ask for forgiveness. There is no better way to apologize than to dress up in these funny and cute costumes and throw the person a wonderful party.

Adult Party Costume - Looking For Something Brilliant?

There are appealing accessories to go with the costumes, like these unicorn slippers  or trendy bathrobes. Build an admirable collection with any of these pretty costumes and you will always have something brilliant to wear for an adult party scene.