After a tiring day outside, all that you crave to own is your own bed, shed away those skin-tight attires that you have been wearing all day and slip into something casual and breathable. Of course, one loves the feel of ‘being home’ where you have the freedom to move about as you want and desire. Pajamas are the best outfit to feel comfortable, get snugly and cozy, they let the skin breathe and let your body stretch easily. Can you ditch a pajama over any other outfit? Mostly, an answer would be “NO!’ Well, with one outfit you will- Animal Kigurumi by Belife.

It is highly recommended for easygoing and protected comfort wear which is a forever solution for all birthday parties, fancy dress and theme party dress up worries. No need to hop from store to store and your precious time take a toll, when you may just surf Belife for these outfits and ready to rocks.

Why not learn a bit about what options you have under animal onesies that can actually be your replacement for pajamas? So, let’s list out here-

  • Cute Penguin Onesie

Just find this stylish and enviably comfortable outfit as your next favorite thing in your wardrobe. So it is time to ditch those conventional pajamas and make this your signature. It comes in fleece material which is naturally warm and keeps you ready to brave chill.  This will add that tinge of cuteness with a little floppy tail. So you can now slide and glide through your house without any worries.

  • Spotty dog Onesie

Have a pup in the house? How about give it some company and turn into one? This groovy little outfit is a must for you and your kids if just like dogs, they love cuddling and like it warm. Especially, this Animal Onesie for kids could be an irresistible costume with a red collar and hood that has detailed ears. This is made of best fleece material it serves best pajama party look that you could flaunt with friends too.

  • Reindeer Onesie

This special Onesie could be for your kid’s this Christmas. Go ahead and surprise them with these beautiful and colorful Kigurimi animal costumes, encourage them to stand apart from the very common Santa Claus attire this year and become a reindeer. This is a zipper dress, made of flannel which fits loose on your children to set them to play and hop while they sing Christmas carols.

These Kigurimi animal costumes as mentioned above are just a very small portion of the collection that you will find at Belife. They could be the most homelike, snugly and breathable choices for all those who feel pajamas are their best friends.

These Kigurumi are traditionally coming from Japanese culture, but have been redesigned in a contemporary sense of fashion for universal purpose. So, step out of those lazy pajama days and switch to this new way of trending in Animal Onesies simultaneously creating a style statement even at home for all-day comfort.