The latest trend in infant clothing is adopting the unisex mode – clothes that do not define gender but offer comfort and style. Some parents love the element of surprise before their infant arrives and do not believe in building up a gender specific wardrobe for the child. And this is where onesies come into picture. With Belife toddlers are dressed in the cutest perfection without conforming to the pressures of the society.  

Why is the Onesies Trend here to stay?

These unisex baby onesies are mostly neutral colored like shades of white, brown, red, beige and grey. They are also multi-coloured. A kigurumi is basically a sleep suit, bodysuit, jacket, and romper all rolled into one with an appealing hoodie. It ensures that the toddler/infant stays warm all the time. The fabric is a soft flannel which does not irritate the sensitive baby skin. Another unique reason for this trend’s popularity among first time parents is that these onesies can be re-used.  

Baby Kigurumi’s: Buying the Trendiest Infant Clothes

Buy one for your infant and it can be naturally passed down to the next baby in the future, even if their gender differs! If your son was a cute yellow duckie that same will fit your future daughter as well. Or an adorable leopard for a fact! And maybe the onesies can be saved for your future grand-children passed down like a family heirloom. How memorable will it be?

Baby Kigurumi’s: Buying the Trendiest Infant Clothes

Twinning with the Onesies

Millennial parents are super social media conscious so how about twinning with your infant in a comfy kigurumi. Belife being a one-stop-shop you will find matching onesies in the adult section to go with your infant’s collection. It will be a family cosplaying together for the first birthday party or the first Halloween or simply the first family picture together. Whatever the occasion your child will look adorable in this unique outfit.

Baby Kigurumi’s: Buying the Trendiest Infant Clothes

What all does Belife toddler collection offer?

Apart from attractive discounts and varied patterns and styles. It promises chic fashion, neatly tailored cuts, and long-lasting fabric. Indulge in buying cute animals onesies like white rabbit, white bear and leopard, brown bear and leopard, tiger, and panda. All of these come in a single free fit so one does not have to agonize about the size. A long body length zipper ensures easy access while bathroom time and also for a quick wear while stepping out in the cold weather. These onesies are a great choice while travelling too.

So what else are you waiting for? Now that you know that onesies are the ultimate baby style choice that work’s best for you and your baby. Get Shopping!