We know there is no dress up occasion for babies they can be dolled up anytime and look adorable. But we can try out some unique options for a fun and Belife is an exclusive place for kids onesies online shopping. The choice of outfits on this site is exquisite and beyong imagination for parents.

1. First Birthday

Baby Kigurumi's : 5 perfect occasions to wear and flaunt your fun Kigurumi Onesies

It’s such a special moment for everyone in the family, the precious little one turning a year old. First birthday’s call for a huge celebration and being magical the baby must be dressed up in a cute costume. The rabbit onesies can be ideal for the occasion since they are adorable and innocent creatures. Imagine all those pictures in this endearing costume, so charming!

2. First Tooth

Your baby will start to chew on anything and everything and it will be one heck of a task to keep their curious selves out of every biting thing. The first tooth event is a cause to celebrate and the tiger onesies is just perfect for the occasion. Since the baby will be a sweet prowler around the house, the onesies will keep them warm and protected from surface scratches due to its material thickness. Comfort is also guaranteed in these loose body suits style onesies.

3. First Step

Watching your baby taking the first step is momentous, as you capture this joyful event on your camcorder the baby will look adorable wearing a leopard onesies. Since they will begin to climb and explore every inch of the house now it is all the more necessary to cover them up snug in onesies.

4. Play dates

Taking your baby out on a palydate with other toddlers is fun and dressing them up in an adorable panda suit is super cute. Pandas are such playful creatures and end up tumbling around just like a happy toddler. The onesies are designed to be comfy while play and the little one will not experience sensitive skin as the fabric is all soft and cushy.

5. Swimming Lessons

Babies are quick to learn the tricks on the water and if you take them for swimming lessons early they will take to water naturally just like a duck. These onesies will be like warm blankets after a nice swim in the pool. Your baby will fall asleep in this one while you drive home.

Belife is here to celebrate every occasion with you, so don’t wait any longer to choose the perfect onesies for your little bundle of joy.