Teenage is the time when we love to hang out with friends and just have fun and go on crazy adventures. The highlight of these amazing years is the number of parties that are thrown around for any occasion; teens just need a reason to party. Costume parties are a hit not only during Halloween, but during routine life too, and Belife has the ideal bodysuits which are funky and happening for every teenage party scene. We have come up with some unique party themes to go with these cozy onesies.

1. Lua Party

Best Teen Party Themes Costumes- The Ultimate List & Things you will need

Burn those tiki torches, make some pretty garlands of flowers, and wear the beach themed costumes for the ultimate Hawaiian party with a twist. Dress up like a shark, walrus, and blue stitch. Make it a point to have everything in blue, play beach volleyball or just lounge around a bonfire with some amazing Hawaiian delicacies. A little dance will also set in the right mood and also creative water games. If you can’t find a beach, find a pool!

2. Madagascar Party

Imagine you and your mad hatter friends are escaping from the zoo to explore the big wide world. Cosplay in these cool onesies and choose your favorite character from the movie Madagascar. Dress up to be the lion, giraffe, hippo, or zebra. How can we forget the fun loving penguins and monkeys? Join in the party with a jungle theme complete with palm tree leaves decor and wild drinks. Calling for a wild night!

3. Candy Party

Welcome to the world of candy crush where everyone is dressed up as colorful candy bars. Don’t know how to wear a candy onesies? Well, we have the multi-color unicorn collection at Belife. There is the star burst unicorn, pink solo unicorn, rainbow unicorn, and other lush collection of unicorn onesies for the magical pastel party. Hang up decorative frames for photo sessions throughout the venue and decorate with clouds for the added zing effect. Entertain with giant candy jars filled with sweet delicacies.

4. TV & Movie Awards Party

Best Teen Party Themes Costumes- The Ultimate List & Things you will need

TV characters that have captured our hearts and minds are always fun to cosplay. Dress up like the delightful Olaf from Frozen, or Pikachu from the Pokémon series, adorable minions, Dino the dinosaur from the TV or Jurassic series, or Sully the kind hearted monster. Give away popcorns as awards to the best dressed. Bring out the mats and pillows to lounge around under the stars for a movie night complete with barbeque and soda.

For extra accessories Belife has all covered, you can purchase slippers and gloves with the costume to complete your favourite style. Don’t wait any further take inspiration from one of the above themes and have a blown up party.