Belife has a promising collection of vibrant, beautiful, fun and outstanding costumes for one and all, be it adults or kids, we have a super range of this Japanese street fashion to experiment. It is not just a street fashion anymore, but is acceptable anywhere you go, may be at your home, a restaurant, movies or a walk in the garden. These cozy and warm outfits have a lot of comfort and substance that they brighten up one’s personality to multiple folds.

This month the most trendy attires that you could go and grab at Belife’s online store is among one of it’s most beautiful animal onesies premium range:

Lemur Onesie, stay wacky, wild and warm at the same time

Made of Fleece, this fabric is ultra soft and warm, it is thick to provide your body complete insulation from the chill outside. Imagine having a windy morning or evening, and you wish to stay all cozy and lazy in your couch?

Yes, instead of wearing so many layers of warmers that restrict your movements it is better to adorn this Lemur Onesie to stay unique, stylish and hot in the cold environment, you don’t have to stay in a heavy blanket all the time, rather flaunt this cool Onesie.

The Onesie has a gray body with a white body and the USP of this design is it’s popular long ringed tail. You have the advantage of coiling it up into a button that is attached if you don’t wish to drag it on.

Giraffe Onesie for a unique appearance and an outstanding impression

It won’t be wrong to say that Giraffes always stand tall and long!  Yes, and you need to stand out with this lovely Giraffe Onesie at Belife.

 You may surprise your friends and family this Christmas by slipping yourself into this attire instead of a conventional red Santa Claus look. This is a unisex Onesie which can be worn by you and your partner, so it will only take twinning two to tango!

This Polar fleece fabric is so trendy with it’s light brown tone with white contrast and is so warm in it’s quality that you would like to stay in this for whole day.

Be that Koala gripping the tree..oops, you couch all day with Koala Animal Onesie

This Kigurumi is all goals to have that furry, insulated, soft and embrace like feel on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Since, Koalas like to sleep all day, the outfit is designed in loose fit and comfortable fashion that you can just slip into it and rest for continuously 10 hours.

This Koala Onesie is not primarily a night suit but you can surely wear it all day long and all night long for that optimal comfort.

This material is so feasible and easy to maintain, it has a little flappy tail and a smiling hood to make you look docile and cute.

Well, these three outfits should be topping your list of shopping this month, it is the time to get, set and go for the Christmas vibes next month and is also the right moment to stuff your wardrobe with the most trendy and useful collection. Let’s rock the looks, go maverick and snug with these three tepid Animal Kigurumi from Belife.