Valentine’s day is all about being bold and wearing your racist outfit for a sensual date night. But for those of you who are shy to show your love handles in a revealing dress, there is a sexy new costume. It does not judge nor does it come with a gender tag, it keeps you warm and cuddly throughout the saucy night. You can flaunt it on the social media endlessly because it is already an acceptable new trend. Yes! It’s onesies we are talking about. Match them like pyjamas with your partner and stay indoors for some Valentine fun.

Get your partner cool onesies from Belife with the discount code BELIFE20 and indulge in a comfy adventure together. We have some practical tips to brace the polar vortex and celebrate this day of love at home in style.

Indoor picnic

Who wants to go out when you can enjoy in front of a toasty fireplace. Set up a makeshift bed with blankets. Decorate it with homemade goodies, chocolates and bottles of wine/sparkles. Get into your onesies and snuggle in front of the fireplace. Say cheers and ring in Valentine’s day together.


Play the wacky game of twister in your onesies. There is plenty of leg space and the material itself is baby soft, you will feel so free in these kigurumi’s it is almost like your second skin. And as you flex and be sporty with your views on the twister mat you won’t worry about being the loser.

Dance battle

Create an eccentric playlist on your iPad or iPod and play it loud. Dance to tunes you have never tried before. Maybe do a face-off competition with your love in onesies and see who wins the dance battle. The loser will cook a romantic five-course meal later in the evening.

Kissing booth

Yup! DIY together hearts, balloons, decorations, glitter or embellish the kissing booth with your pictures as a couple. Change into cute onesies and hold an adorable photo session with the romantic backdrop. Post it on the social media with hashtags like #onesieslove, #valentineinonesies or #mycozyvalentine. Go viral with your quirky shoot in an instant.

Valentine’s Day tree

Do not remove your Christmas tree yet, you can still decorate it together with Valentine’s day props. Hang on it your photos, love quotes, love letters, love songs, poems or secret messages. Leave presents for each other under the tree or hide it within the tree and point it out with clues.

Belife has a wide range of onesies in adult character and animal styles. You can pick out the ones which suit the personalities of you and your spouse. There is nothing more extra fancy than prancing about wearing kigurumi’s and spending a cozy intimate day with your loved one in style.