These days all blogger mommies want to feature their kids on their YouTube channels and Instagram handles wearing colorful costumes. Some of them are viral videos of small kids doing funny antics and others are kids cosplaying various characters while fast asleep and their mums creating famous scenes as they enjoy nap time. It is adorable to dress up your child in cozy kigurumi pyjamas and capture their carefree selves for a lifetime.

Why choose Belife Kigurumi?

It’s loose and comfy to wear and made out of flannel material that is soft on the skin. Also a nice warm onesies in this cold weather. Plus, it’s unisex and can be interchanged between your children more than one time, so no hassle on who will wear what tonight.

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Who doesn’t love a yellow ducky?

Remember Tweety the little ducky from Baby Looney Tunes with her adorable style of talking and mischievous pranks? Well aren’t kids the same! The yellow duck costume looks so adorable that you almost want to hug your child multiple times a day. The sheathing style body makes the onesies look like a snug warm jacket. Not to mention easy mobility and the delightful puffy tail behind.

Endearing Black Cat

Since mostly black cats are associated with bad luck and witches it’s a cool idea for a Halloween costume.  Cosplaying in a catty pyjama waving around the little black tail will be fun for your kid. Paint some whiskers on the face and accessorize with the scary paws and slippers to complete the look.

Bond around as a whole family with these fun costumes and have the time of your life. Everyday could be FUN day with Belife’s kigurumi outfits.