With the gifting season in full swing, we try to make an impact on our loved ones with unique gifts and options. One such innovative style of gifting is Holiday special gift baskets, these can be assorted snacks, dry fruits, Spa gift hampers, makeup sets and various other attractive alternatives  wrapped in shimmery gold handmade hampers to knock off your senses. But have you ever tried gifting a costume hamper to your loved ones?

It is not only fun, but also a practical way to spend the cold holiday season for the entire family. Belife has a whole new collection going on for 20% off during the holiday season. Take advantage of the code "BELIFE20" while checking out of the online store. You are still hunting, how to present them, then we have some amazing ideas for inspiration.

Gift Basket Ideas:

1. The Baby Hamper

 Have a little mischievous toddler around the house? Or a new born baby who needs some comfort while sleeping? Then pack some cozy kid kigurumi’s into gorgeous gift hampers for the baby or babies in the house. You can also gift this to your relatives and friends who have just been blessed with a little bundle of joy. Don’t worry about them scrapping their knees and elbows while crawling around the house or falling while taking their first baby steps. The soft material of this onesies will protect their delicate skin.

2. The Mother-Daughter Pair

 You must be knowing the mother-daughter pair who love to post their matching outfits on all social media sites for donning the same dresses. Why not give them a costume hamper for twinning? Pack it up with unicorn onesies which are dreamy and girly in style, there are a variety of them on Belife and you will go bonkers on which ones to pair together.

3. The Father-Son Duo

Father and son can have an adventurous bonding time with jungle themed onesies. Imagine them together in a lion, sloth, bat, or the ferocious dinosaur onesies. Now fishing time or softball in the park will be fun activity with these kigurumi’s. Hurry up and pack a hamper before stocks last.

 4. Family & Friends onesies

Cannot decide which onesies to choose for whom? Buy the entire collection at a discounted rate for your holiday shopping. Pack them in gift hampers according to the number of people in the family or according to the number of friends in your close circle. So now everyone will have the same style onesies. They already come in accurate sizes and no need to worry about fittings.

The best pick-me-up option now available with Belife, make a wise choice this December and gift your loved ones a fun memory.