Cupid struck you on a deadline and you have no idea what will suit your partner. For all those who still haven’t bought a fancy Valentine gift, yet we have the fun way to celebrate the day with your love. Belife has matching onesies for sale this love season and they are coming with a 20% discount from Feb 7- 14th. Use the code Belife20 and fill in your shopping cart with amazing kigurumi adult costumes that will spice up your love life like never before.

Irresistible ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Onesies:

Truth or Dare Night:

A date night with truth or dare will either spill out the beans or make your love stronger with all the amusing dares. Wear character onesies like a skeleton to symbolize secrets tumbling out of the closet. Some glow in the dark decorations will set the right ambience for this one of a kind rendezvous night.

Yoga or Gym:

We know there are a lot of physically attractive couples who love to show off their bodies on social media. This Valentine does it a bit different, wear adult animal costumes like the shark onesies for the gym sharks who never miss out a workout session together. A loving duo who is a natural pair can wear yellow tiger onesies for practising all the crouching tiger moves at a yoga session.

Mini Projector Night:

Set up a romantic lounge right inside your home with a mini projector to stream all your favourite mushy movies. Cuddle up next to each other wearing cozy panda onesies. This is a sure way to avoid crowds and spend some inexpensive quality time together. This setting will also work perfectly for a terrace dinner date idea. Onesies are the ideal outfits for a cold amourous candle night meal.

Mini Vacation:

Travelling hand in hand wearing wacky onesies for style is the new age mantra for social media conscious couples. You are projecting a happy relationship while twinning in a cute onesie together. The style meter is also skyrocketing by setting new trends in fashion circles with your airport style. Walking away with the love of your life to some secret destination is the highlight of any love week. Onesies make the moment even more special as you two will have a secret code with what you wear.

Satisfy the desire to look good and also snuggle beside your love this Valentine’s day with a Belife onesie. The cult favourite of the celebs will surely light up glowy sparks of love in your life too. Love may be priceless, but a onesie is the perfect last minute gift idea for a lifetime.