Even though the year-end celebrations seem to be over. And the world has gotten busy with another year of slogging in the workplaces. We still have plenty of reasons to loosen our purse strings and buy gifts for our loved ones. What can be genuine, thoughtful and a fun present for everyone? Onesies! These costumes are like a blanket of love, the full body suit comes in various sizes and popular characters. A great choice if you have to gift in bulk as they are unisex and can be shared too. They come with attractive hoodies and accessories, so now you know why Belife is an excellent preference for last minute and pre-planned gifts.

We have come up with an upcoming holiday guide to inspire you into budgeted gift planning:

  1. International Women's Day

So what if Valentine’s day is over, you can still celebrate the women in your life with cute kigurumi’s. Be it your best friend, wife, mother or sister Belife has a drool-worthy selection of attractive costumes for women. Check out the fairytale-like unicorn collection or the scrump onesies. There are also the charming budgie onesies for her, you can choose one according to her personality. She will be floored with this solicitous gift and cherish it for a lifetime.

  1. Patricks’ Day

Luck is your wishes are mine, probably heard of this phrase. Gift a life span of luck to your beloved with the green bear shamrock featured onesies. The auspicious clover is said to bring in hope, good health and prosperity. Throwing a St. Patricks’ day party with plenty of drinks and tickling food? Then the whole gang can twin in this onesies. Officially wishing good luck to all is now so easy.



  1. Earth Day

We have plenty of abundance as creatures of this huge cosmos and Earth needs all the love to survive. As citizens of this planet, we can pledge to keep safe all of the animals by having peace rallies, movie screenings related to nature and awareness walk on Earth day. You can choose from a variety of animal onesies to commemorate this day. Kids can also get involved in creating a general knowledge about protecting the environment. We have a wonderful kids collection too for all the naughty ones who want to save preserve planet Earth.



  1. Easter

Easter parties and egg hunts are always fun. As you indulge yourself with delicious chocolate eggs and bake some scrumptious goodies for the Easter morning. Wearing bunny onesies makes it even more special. This onesie comes in a cute powder pink tone with an adorable rabbit ears hoodie. It will be amusing to see your family and friends dressed up as bunnies for this happy occasion. Not to mention the excitement of kids while treasure hunting.



Spoil yourself and your loved ones with Belife onesies. They come with attractive discounts and deals. All of these precious onesies are priced under $100 which means you can have a gala time filling your shopping cart. Now holidays will always mean looking forward to gifting a great personal item.