We all love to play our favourite character from the movies, TV or comic books. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Pikachu, Olaf, Goofy and many more have captured our imagination since childhood. So forget waiting till Halloween to wear a mask and parade down the streets when now you can purchase your loved characters from Belife. These onesies allow you to get into any fun mode with their exceptional style and design. These types of costumes may be more than 500+ if you go to check the worldwide collections.

  1. Anime

Japan is famous for the anime kind of kigurumi’s. It has various characters like the Naruto onesies, Sasuke onesies, Kurama onesies and Kyuubi onesies. They are popularly worn by the younger generation and fans of anime.

  1. Pokémon

You have the adorable collection of Pokémon like Pikachu onesies, Charmander onesies, Charizard onesies and Snorlax onesies. Fans can now wear them to themed Pokémon parties while trying to hunt them down by playing Pokémon Go.

  1. Superhero

Everyone secretly dreams of saving the world one day. These superhero costumes bring out the good in you when you wear them. The Batman onesies, Superman onesies, Spiderman onesies and the Marvel superhero squad onesies are to die for.


  1. Disney

Who doesn’t love Disney characters? Fascinated by the stories of kings and queens and sometimes quirky like Olaf onesies, the cute monster Sully onesies, Minions onesies to rule the earth, Stitch onesies the adorable blue costume and gorgeous Minnie Mouse onesies.

  1. Season

Then there is pretty much the ones that fit into seasons like the Skeleton onesies for Halloween and autumn, the Santa and Reindeer onesies for Christmas and winter, Goofy the Dog onesies and Piglet onesies for summer. Basically, these costumes are so cozy that they can make-up for any seasonal wardrobe.

These fleece lined jumpsuits are extremely popular as they are perfect outfits for afternoon siestas and night out’s. They have pockets! Yes! Life has changed for good with the discovery of pockets and these costumes help you to store all your sweet cravings in one place! You can always twin around with your squad in these crazy onesies and feel like one while on a fun adventure. Get the inner child out for a wild play with Belife onesies and unleash the fanatic character hipster in you!