Forget about seeing animals in a zoo now you can meet one on the streets as well. The animal onesies trend has been catching on like wildfire among the current generation. And why not? When you can play pretend all day being the jungle monster you always wanted to be. Plus, they double up as cozy bodysuits for all season. When first celebrities started appearing out of nowhere in these scandalous costumes it was considered mayhem. Things started going viral and we all know the world will soon be filled with snugly pandas, bears, leopards and lions.

Belife known for its original and fun animal costumes allows you to choose the perfect one.

Personal favourite

Depends on what type of animal you love to be. Whether be the wise night owl, the king of the jungle, a mystical creature, an extinct monster, or a true blue ocean being. Could be an animal that inspired you from a movie or book and also one that could be your spirit animal.



Animals move according to their habits, do you love to sleep all day? Are you the one who accomplishes a task successfully and in a haste? A slow learner? Loyal? Gourmet food lover? The possibilities could be endless. We can safely say half of the people will choose a dog onesies or panda onesies since we all love to lounge around.



Sometimes colours play a lot on our physique. We may love rainbow coloured unicorns onesies or pink bear onesies, both of which are non-existent in real life but Belife can recreate the magic for you. A black cat onesie will be the favourite of anyone who sleeps less.


We don’t call a party animal for no reason. Some love to be adventurous while others prefer relaxing in the backyard. Some love to flaunt out new styles to their family and friends while others love to sleep in them. Adorable animal onesies are made out for anyone who wants to have fun without going through the pains of choosing an outfit. Comfortable in animal skin we would say.


We can always send out onesies as gifts for our loved ones. Not necessary we purchase them for ourselves, if we know which animal resembles the unique qualities of our partner, child, or even our neighbour then it's your chance to browse through the vast Belife section.

You will never get bored because no two costumes are the same. Tap into your inner animal and make it magically appear on your wardrobe shelf. With Belife you are promised the comfiest adventure ever.