Onesies are always meant to be the loungewear or sleepwear outfits. They are associated with a relaxed style and not meant as a fashion alternative for statement pieces. But its wrong onesies can be paired with haute couture accessories to make them look like the most celebrated fashion outfits for street and formal wear. We have some practical tips on how to make them the wow! Item in your wardrobe.

  1. Pearls

Pearls are one set of jewellery that has been a prominent favourite with the royalty as well as the crème de la crème of the society. Fashion icon Coco Chanel made them look urbane by heaping strands of pearls around the neck and shoulders. Duchess Kate Middleton also loves their elegance and you can see her wearing strings of white pearl during most of her outing. Pearls and onesies are an interesting combo when you want to go for a formal event. Stylish pearl drop earrings or a statement pearl necklace with unicorn onesies can be your go-to outfit for bridal showers or tea parties.

  1. Boots

Planning to go for a rock concert, hiking or camping then boots are one piece of accessories that are heavy duty as well as modish for any outfit. Pairing them with onesies is an ultimate fashion statement. Since onesies are loose fitting and they almost look like baggy trousers or jeans’ wearing heeled boots or combat boots with them makes it an unmistakable appearance.

  1. Crossbody bag

A funky cross body bag will always add a pop of colour to any outfit. Especially if you are wearing a Minnie Mouse onesies or Scrump onesies. A must-have item for frequent travellers cross body bags comes as a functional accessory for urban explorers. They make a chic companion for a date night or party night out in town.

  1. Cool Belts

Belts are so underrated when it comes to accessorization of an outfit, a voguish belt that could be embellished or with some cool slangs written on it be paired with onesies. They are almost like graphic tees that come with wacky messages written on them. To make your loose onesies look body fitted for a disco night or any informal gathering just wear a studded belt around the waist and you are ready to rock.

  1. Heels

Give a girl pair of heels and she can conquer the world. Heels make your legs look toned and your silhouette slender. Wearing branded heels like Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutins with your onesies will make them outlandish for any occasion. Heels and sunglasses can never go the wrong girl! A trendy street style onesies outfit can be created with these accessories.

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