Onesies are known to be the trending bodysuit for enjoying a warm winter soiree with family and friends. Apart from winter, we would assume that this snug outfit cannot be worn in any other season. But here we go wrong because onesies are an epic costume for any occasion and weather. We have come up with some versatile style guide tips to prove that kigurumi’s are the go-to outfit year round.


  1. Summer

Understood that it’s the season where less is more and we prefer to wear swimsuits and short LBD’s. But imagine getting tanned, giving your skin rough red patches and beating the pollution with your bare skin. Healthwise the more exposure to the harmful rays of the sun the more skin and tissue damage you incur. In comes the fully covered onesies, an outfit that can protect your skin and hair. They are not ill fitted but loose and so you don’t have to worry about sweating. Made out of soft material they will not cause the skin to break out or have rashes. Team up your wacky costume with trendy sling bags, sunglasses, heels and embellished belts for completing the summer feel.



  1. Winter

Winter’s are the best time to lounge around in onesies alongside a cozy fireplace. Teaming them up with colourful parkas, boots and statement neckpieces will enhance the entire ensemble for a fun night out. You can play dress up in the cold months since Belife has a wide range of winter collection to choose from. They have designed cute onesies for kids and babies too, so now the whole family can celebrate winter wonderland at home.



  1. Spring

When everything is vibrant and lively it co-ordinates with the colours of onesies. Bright and bold tones are the shades of spring. Also, it sort of celebration of nature and its creatures. Belife has unique costumes exclusively fashioned on animal and famous characters. Wearing corgi onesies, rabbit onesies or a dinosaur onesies for the Easter party is amusing. Pairing the outfit with stylish sneakers, embellished wrist bands and tassled or fringe bags is outlandish.

  1. Fall

When the leaves turn red and the air is crisp it is advisable to keep your skin supple and shielded from the cold wind. Onesies do an excellent job in protecting the whole body from the suddenly chilly weather. Putting up some glitz with the costume can make you stand out. Add dazzling earrings, geometric bags or purses to carry in matching colour heeled pumps and leather fanny packs.

Make the most of all the seasons with these gorgeous onesies from Belife, they come within the budget and also with freakish accessories like modish bathrobes and slippers. You are here to stand out from the normal fashion that you see on the streets. Make more of the weather by being your distinctive self in these voguish kigurumi’s.