Who came first the chicken or the egg? We can keep arguing, but definitely there are more chickens crossing the road this year. Apparently cute ones who can be cuddled and smothered with love and affection. In case you haven’t noticed yet the kigurumi trend has been catching up like wildfire in the fashion circles. Grandparents have been the happiest this holiday season as they no longer had to contemplate on what to gift their grandchildren.

There has been a record jump in the sales for kid’s onesies, this year, and the gifting drift has just begun. So join this elite crowd of fun and adventurous people and reward your kid onesies today from none other than the unique kigurumi creator Belife. 

We have come up with a list of the most adorable onesies to flaunt on your child:

1. Pokemon

Kids Costumes - Having Fun While Dressing Up

The pokemon onesies trend is on peak this year. Kids love these adorable creatures and even adults cannot miss their harm. Also this year you have Ryan Reynolds famously pitching for this avatar in a Hollywood movie.

2. Stitch

Kids Costumes - Having Fun While Dressing Up

It is snapable enough to twin in Stitch onesies for parents with their kids. The blue Disney character seems to be a cheerful companion for the kids to wear during winter.

3. Cheshirecat

Kids Costumes - Having Fun While Dressing Up

Cats just feed, play and sleep just like kids. This onesies is the best choice for the little chershire in the house.

4. Blue Elephant

The adventures of Khan Kluay the blue elephant a Thai 3D story about a little blue elephant wandering away from the tribe and becoming a warrior is famous among bed time watches. Inspired by this little hero this onesies can be worn by your little one as they lounge around to watch cartoons.

5. Pink Dinosaur

Kids Costumes - Having Fun While Dressing Up

Dinosaurs are never cute but this kigurumi in pink is an exception to the evolution. Your kid can wear this costume and play pretend. Dreaming about being a pink dino in a jungle is a good start. Especially if your baby girl is going through the pink phase in life.

These colorful and cozy kids onesies will brighten up the wardrobe for winter. Make the pyjama day perfect with these amazing Belife collection.