The term ‘viral’ is almost infectious whether it’s for a beauty brand or a fashion outfit. Anything that catches the fancy of people tends to be the trend of the season. Nowadays the millennial generation is willing to expose themselves to an eccentric style of clothing. And leading the pack is the rise in demand for onesies! Considered to be the symbol of loath in the early days it has swiftly turned into an iconic costume. It garners attention as well as lives up to the wearer’s choice of modish clothing for street and party style.

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How are onesies creating a buzz on social media?

Flaunting by the Fashion elite

We just checked our social links - the perennial hang-out for all the socially relevant figures and found out that anyone and everyone is into the onesies trend. And why not? It is that one piece of clothing that gives so much attention even if you are on a quick run to the grocery store or jet setting around the world. Plus, it speaks volumes when it comes to the coziness of the outfit. Celebrities can also go incognito from the paparazzi hiding behind their cute hoodies. And once fashion icons like Beyonce to Rihanna have given their stamp of approval this outfit has no stopping from being the number one choice for the younger generation.

Crazy Hashtags

Nothing trends better than hashtags, an informal outfit can go viral with #onesies, #onesiessquad, #partyonesies, #kigurumi and #crazyonesies. You can also create your own new hashtag and trend on social media along with your family and friends. Create unconventional pictures and videos for your costumes to go viral on the net.

Unisex appeal

Onesies are not just related to cute girly pyjama parties anymore. They have become the symbol of blurring fashion lines among the sexes. Its comfort has transcended over the gender boundaries and created niche wear for men, women and children alike. The material is loose fitted and comes in all kinds of shapes, size and personality type.


Occasion friendly

So you want to have a skew-whiff unicorn birthday celebration, beach animal themed bachelorette, foxy anniversary, wise owl theme graduation or even a Santa themed winter party then onesies fit in as all occasion outfits. They are not reserved just for Halloween costume nights anymore. You can wear these human blankets to work, movies, date nights and also family functions. It gives a whole new meaning to twinning when these outfits are worn by your whole squad or family members. Onesies create a chance to bind with the society as well when you see yourself trending along same minded crazy individuals from around the globe.

A unique way to stay on the top of the social media game is to wear these snuggle bun outfits and click endless selfies. For those of you who have not yet thought about it grab a onesie from Belife quick and pose for your viral self all over the media.