What started as gag gifts several decades ago has turned into a millennial obsession. Earlier onesies were worn only as comical costumes during Halloween, but now they have blown up into the trendiest ‘IT’ piece of clothing in the wardrobe. Never mind the age this fashion faux pas has stepped onto the ramps and invaded the world in a big way. So why is there so much fixation for these colourful jumpsuits? In the media-addicted world, these kigurumi’s provide nostalgia for the baby boomer generation of the 80's and 90's. And a crazy way to express themselves relevantly with re-shared tweets and viral Instagram photos for the absurdity infatuated millennial hipsters. 

With celebrities posing for airport style and famous musicians performing on stage wearing animal onesies this new age fashion has gripped the imagination of every man and woman. When parents crave for some extra attention they dress up their babies in these cute costumes and share endless videos and pictures online. They can also come in handy for a good cause. Staff and nurses can wear these bemusing costumes at the children’s hospital to cheer up kids who are going through traumatic illnesses.

Why are onesies so popular among all?

They are practical snuggles

Imagine being wrapped up in a cozy blanket all day without freezing to death from cold. That is how you feel in these kigurumi’s. They are super warm, padded and made of soft material, there is no need for parents to worry about their babies catching the flu or scratching their knees while monkeying around. They come with snug hoods that keep your ears toasty and have spacious leg room for movement. For adults, they can forget about layering during winters and just don an adult onesie for an outing, shopping for groceries or even a wild night party in town.

They come in all sizes and shapes

Tall, short, chubby or skinny anyone and everyone can fit into these unique costumes. They also come in the shape of various animals and famous characters from the movies or television series. Variety is the name of the game, choosing onesies according to your personality makes it a fashion match for any occasion.

Sleep like a Baby

Lonely during Valentine? No worries, just wear your favourite kigurumi and lounge around watching a movie or simply hug yourself to sleep. We know these snug costumes will put you to sleep instantly whether you are an adult or a baby. There is so much of warmth; it’s like sleeping on a fluffy cloud. 


How many outfits have those extra pockets to slip in snacks and munchies while working, playing or simply watching a movie? Onesies come in easy zippers and baggy pockets to store all your valuables like a phone or even cash while on the move. Now no need to carry around a bulky bag for quick trips to the shop or regular night outs with friends, these adorable costumes got you covered.

Bottom line? Head over to Belife now and choose your style of onesies for upgrading your fashion collection. And if someone judges you on your quirky style, then you know for sure that they are missing all the awesomeness in life!