Channelling your wild side is not a sin anymore, especially when furry costumes are involved.  All the animal kingdom frenzy can be unleashed by wearing cute kigurumi’s. A bit of a wacky trend, but nonetheless it is always fun to try something unique. Belife costumes are irresistible and funky, the soft onesies are cozy and feature various popular animal costumes. So why is it so popular to flaunt one’s style in animal kigurumi’s?

  1. Love for the Queen

The Queen of England loves her dear little corgis and so do we. These adorable corgi onesies are hard to miss with its tiny ears peeking out of the hood and the modest tail at the back. The orange hue is unmissable and you will look cute as a button in this costume.

  1. Loyal Badge

Want to show how loyal you can be to your love? Then buy twin spotty the dog onesies, the black and white spots are synonymous to the balance of yin and yang. A perfect gift for an anniversary or date nights. No wonder 101 Dalmatians was such a hit.

  1. Who Chickened out?

Chicken the eternal symbol of tasty meals, no here we do not have to eat the chicken but be the chicken. Do you have a friend who chicken’s out at the last minute out of a great plan or a family member who is always picked out on you when it comes to making fun? Well, the joke is on them now, surprise them with a chicken onesies and share amusing moments. Albeit all in good fun!

  1. Batty

Bats are considered nocturnal and so can you be. The ones who love to party and hit the town red at night you have a ready-made cape with this bat onesies. Already feeling like a superstar? Be the show stopper at any club and disco with this freakish onesies. Please keep those fangs in check!

  1. More of a teacup

This blue elephant onesie looks more like the tiny teacup from Beauty and the Beast. It also has an adorable pink tuft on the hoodie with saucer cute eyes. If you are attending a baby shower and want to reveal the gender in a unique way then this onesie is an appealing alternative.

  1. King Julian

Remember the sarcastic and pompous King Julian from the movie Madagascar, that’s right. If you are one of those that has a sharp tongue and twisted humour, then this lemur onesies is your soul animal. Comes with a well-co-ordinated tail and has enough sass to make you the star of any occasion.

There is plenty of other madcap animal onesies option with Belife. And even available in kids size. Also, avail multiple discounts and offers while you check out with your loot. Enough said the jungle is already present in the town!