We bet Steven Spielberg’s classic cult Jurassic Park has left a lasting impression on you as a kid. Now you want to pass on the madness to your own kids by throwing them a Dinosaur themed party isn’t it? Well, go ahead and set up the wildest party in town with these Dinosaur themed cosplay costumes from Belife.

How to turn into a pro party planner?

Buy/DIY some Jurassic themed decorations:

You can either create a fake jungle indoors with paper palm trees or live plants. Or there is always the backyard to decorate it into a Jurassic world. Get some dinosaur blow up balloons and set them up at strategic locations. Better still you can gift dinosaur onesies to the other parents for pulling some successful pranks on the unsuspecting kids while playing games.



A fake treasure hunts through the jungle with an ambush from various types of dinosaurs like the T-Rex, Velociraptors, Allosaurus, and Sauropods. Give them gift baskets with a shovel, bucket and a map to dig up dinosaur figurines hidden throughout the party venue. The winner gets a bag of candies or a dinosaur themed toy.


There can be cookies cut out in the shape of dinosaurs, a carnivore station with meat sandwiches, and a vegan station for the ones who love to eat their veggies. The cake can be cut out in the shape of a T-Rex to go with the theme.



Adults as well as kids can fit into the Belife dinosaur onesies, they are comfortable and especially handy during the winter season. The flannel material is soft and cozy for the long winter party evenings. As the design is unisex, both your son and daughter can don this outfit with ease.

There is a cute pink dinosaur onesies for the girl who loves her party to be in pink. Purchase the rough green dinosaur onesies for the sporty boy in the family. Also browse through the accessories section to complete the look with fitting dinosaur slippers and claws.


There is an exclusive holiday season deal to catch up to during the period from 23rd Dec to 2nd Jan. All purchases during this period are eligible for a 20% discount with the code "BELIFE20". Take full advantage and make the dinosaur party a roaring success for your child.