Just like Pokemon is always ready to break its Poke ball and come out hopping and resonating, similarly, you can now pop out of all the shells that have been blocking you. This festive season shall be the right time to experience the fun, naughtiness, happiness, and mischief with this unique character Kigurumi. This Kigurumi is a great idea to either throw a Pokemon party for your kids or even you could just slip into this wonderfully cozy attire this winter for no reason at all.

Why not just break the age-old pattern of lounging in your pants and regular t-shirts, rather jump into this easy and cushy zipper made of fleece for optimal comfort. Let’s throw light on more such scintillating features of this product that ensures why falling in love with them is so easy:

  1. You will fall in love with it’s a great color combination

These onesies come into variants- Pokemon Pikachu and Pokemon Charmander, in sunny yellow and tangy orange.

The colors of this Pokemon Kigurumi are so vibrant, bright and happy that they will add all the positivity and let your energy flow quite amply for the whole day.

  1. You will fall in love with its cloth material

The material that has been used in this is Polar Fleece which is totally organic and natural. By its very nature, this fabric is warm, cozy and gives you a much-needed feel of a tepid embrace on those chilly windy days.

Moreover, this Kigurumi Costume  material doesn’t require dry cleaning or any kind of high-maintenance. It can be easily washed in a machine and doesn’t require ironing, which makes it easygoing and efficient.

  1. You will fall in love with its unique design

The design is simple, inspired by the very disposition of Pokemon, which is all sunny and bright. The fit is kept loose to let the movements be free and random. You may just dance around in this Kigurumi or just might even sleep on a sofa.

This character Kigurumi comes with a beautiful head with two ears which you won’t stop from flaunting and a tail that will cast a cute spell on your friends.

  1. You will fall in love with it for its flexibility

You can wear it on a street shopping spree, to a mall nearby, you could even order it as a birthday gift for your young one, could even plan a birthday bash keeping the Pokemon theme, you could wear this to a movie or for an evening stroll too. Its use is universal, unconventional and novel in it’s very approach to modern-day styling.

The best part is that this Pokemon character Kigurumi  comes in all sizes and can be bought for adults as well as kids. In fact, why not tin with your young ones on their birthday bash this year. Another innovation could also be celebrating this Halloween in this unique costume which is trendy, cute and fun unlike every year’s Gothic scheme of attires.

In fact, why not consider Christmas this year to go tangy and sunny with these gorgeous costumes by Belife. Therefore, you could simply experiment on different days on which you could sport this Pokemon costume that will make you so lovable and adorable.