Testis the season of being together as a family, and you still haven’t come up with an idea for a wacky Christmas card. Spin away from the traditional ugly sweater or sweet poses to spread cheer. Instead, click incredible pictures wearing cute animal onesies by Belife. As with the new age, it’s never too late to capture selfies cosplaying as adorable wild beasts. We have come up with some inspirational ideas for perfecting that selfie pout in a kigurumi costume.

Put Fun in Your Selfies with Cute Animal Onesies

1.The Unicorn Brigade

Imagine Mom, Dad, and kids dressed as magical unicorns, no need for extra filters or makeup enhancers. The costumes naturally make everything fun; they come in a riot of colors. So there is something for everyone here.

2.Disney Characters

Put Fun in Your Selfies with Cute Animal Onesies

Not many people are interested in cosplaying the more animal-esque Disney characters, explicitly since it involves an extremely sweaty fur suit. Fret not, now you can play these movie animal characters all day long as Belife onesies are made out of soft fleece material and they are not bulky which means you can move around wearing one for as long as you want. Take a look at the Disney animal collection and you will know what we mean!

3.Catty Bunch

Not just the spooky black cat or the lazy Cheshire cat, but also the notoriously wild cats like the tiger. Sharpen those paws and put on your wildest fantasies to play with these catty costumes. Maybe you can buy one each for your female gang so your selfie game remains strong among the other cats in town. No cat fights, please!

4.The African Safari

Put Fun in Your Selfies with Cute Animal Onesies

Pose as leopards, lions, monkeys, fox, and giraffes a total riot for a jungle safari. Who needs a trip or as a matter of fact a zoo when you can cosplay it yourself in your backyard. Or just snuggle up on cushions and have a cozy family meal together as you watch some wildlife movie together. Perfect idea for a backyard movie night and of course selfies.


Love being at home bird, then the domesticated animal selection is pure fun. There are various costumes including the pig, cow, and chicken. Old MacDonald's never had a farm like this before!

Put Fun in Your Selfies with Cute Animal Onesies

6.Lost World

The dinosaur’s left town, but left you behind. Yes! Now cosplay like one and enjoy the adventure. There are various styles and patterns, one can try on with accessories like paws as well. For once dinosaurs don’t look ferocious, but Instagram worthy. Choose any of the themes or create a complete hybrid imagination of the costumes to click amusing pictures and craft memories for life with Belife.