Unicorn itself is symbolic of mystery, magic, innocence and feminine aspects. It is a beautiful mythical representation of a white horse that is so popular these days with young girls and kids. Its innocence and purity is a representation of girlhood and its charm. Therefore, at Belife, we thought to come all bright, unique, charming and charismatic with our adorable unicorn hoodie bathrobes.

Let’s reflect on its wonderful attributes that makes this outfit unique and full of utility:

Galaxy bathrobe for girls

The amazing galaxy print is gorgeous and extravagant that is perfect for that after-bath mood of any girl. It’s the best outfit you would like to slip into after taking that warm bath.

  • Pink and Blue print

Complimenting the girlhood and womanhood, this plush piece of stitched flannel turned into this cozy robe is a precious wearable among the range of bathrobes for girls. Once you wear it, it provides you instant snug and cozy embrace. This is a super-soft way to feel expedient and restful at all times during the day. It is so breathable and fine fabric that you can move about the house for hours once you wear it.

The hoodie is crafted with utmost detail and looks outstanding when paired up. If you wish to hang out in a lawn over a walk then it is perfect to match with loose pajamas as well. This is a perfect combination of comfort, luxury and rejuvenation.

  • Colored galaxy print

This is for those who like to explore resonance and a high spirit during all times on a Sunday afternoon. LAZY? COZY? SNUGLY? What’s your mood? Belife has one stop solution for you with this unparalleled apparel. Once you take a head-wash and all geared up to spend a lounging noon in the house, you may just pick on that one-horn hoodie attached with this bathrobe that renders you a magical respite.

The pocket size is incredibly convenient to carry a mobile phone, weather you’re working around the home, cooking a meal or even taking a stroll through your garden.

Kids’ bathrobe 

Comes in varying size from 2 to 8, tell your little ones that it’s time to hit it with Belife’s bathrobe. Rather, you could gift them this wonderful pink and blue plush bathrobe. This heavenly print of the bathrobe will surely appeal their curious minds and add some magic to their day.

Not just an after-bath, but in this super cushy and protected outfit they can spend their entire day in this vibrant attire. Moreover, they can carry their pens, pencils, gadgets in quite spacious pockets which are there on the bathrobe.

This hooded bathrobe for kids is ultra cozy, unisex (thus fit for your boys or girls), and ensures durability. This material is long running and doesn’t lose its luster on washing, which can be done on machine and can be tumble dry low for perfect results.

What about popping up with an idea of a unicorn pool party with friends and family? You could just wear these colorful bathrobes for kids and look forward to a happy-go-lucky day, as you chill by the pool with friends. Imagine the kind of happiness and aura these little hopping unicorn colorful dresses can create around your house that ensures a perfect day.