You have been packing like a maniac for the vacations and literally forgotten about what to wear for the overnight flight. We know the airport look is very trendy right now, but ditch the paparazzi techniques and opt for something that will be a comfy jumpsuit style outfit – onesies! Belife has an adorable collection to shop from online, while you book your flight tickets, make sure to purchase a custom kigurumi for the trip.

So What Do You Wear On an Overnight Flight? We've something Best for You.

Why are onesies the best travel outfits during long duration flights?

Imagine being stuck at the airport lounge for hours and god forbid you have to wait in a common lounge area not the luxurious one between transit, then its going to be very uncomfortable in a tight jeans and tee. Or trying to feel snug during the flight by trying to stretch your tired legs without any skin breathing source from your fabric. You won’t be able to get a wink of sleep in a coarse material also not to mention the stuffiness.

So What Do You Wear On an Overnight Flight? We've something Best for You.

Carrying a separate jacket will only add to the in hand luggage, whereas with the kigurumi you get a padded hoodie that will protect your ears from cold and also act like an extra cushion while asleep on the seat. The soft material prevents any skin allergies or irritation while travel and also gives a full body covering. Plenty of ventilation between the skin and the material as its loose and the right fit for any size and height.

Its unisex features allow you to share and borrow from your partner as well as friends. Belife also has an amazing toddler and kids section which caters to the younger crowd as well. Besides, they come in every color and exciting characters to choose from. Pair them with cute backpacks and stylish sneakers to give an extra edge for the airport look. Belife is throwing some startling deals, discounts, and flash sales to deal with the holiday season shopping madness. Make sure you check them out right now.

So decide whether you want to create the exact same look like Miley Cyrus wearing a cute blue unicorn onesies or Ariana Grande donning an endearing pink unicorn onesies for the flight. No one will beg to differ that onesies are ideal for a long day combat from the cold weather and to put your feet up to relax those aching muscles.