Whether it’s just a night out of wild partying or a luxury destination weekend with all expenses paid – The Bachelorette is the most awaited bash for the bride and her girlfriends. It is a wonderful occasion to start new beginnings with an all-girl squad who swear to hold your back when it comes to stepping into the most important chapter of life. For a bride, the bachelorette is all about the costumes and the photo-ops. To make the social media game strong we have some practical suggestions on planning the perfect ensembles.

We strongly recommend you plan on donning onesies for your wild night and here is why:

  1. Team Bride

It's her day – Period! Enough said we all know the bride is the queen of the moment. Make it special for her, decide on planning it out together rather than leaving all the responsibilities on her shoulder. She already has a lot going with her wedding, arrange a surprise trip for her. Buy costumes for the whole gang from Belife, they have a cute collection going on when it comes to matching kigurumi’s. Book those tickets, bar, hotel rooms and just let your hair down.

  1. Theme

The Disney theme never gets old, every girl wants to be the princess swept up in the arms of her prince charming. Mythical unicorn onesies will best suit this castle-themed dream party. Or how about being the Minnie Mouse troop, or maybe the goth type theme party. The options can be endless.

  1. Time

Timing is so legit if you are planning to have a sleepover with popcorns and girly movies. A trip to the spa thrown in or maybe a day party hanging out in a barn in a farmhouse with a rustic setting. Time sure seems to rule the roost.

  1. No Presents Please

Just show up to have a good time, this is not the time to show off how expensively you can spend on your friend. Instead, make the day all about fun and games. Leave the notion of being an adult for a while and freewheel into being a happy person with the bride.

  1. Games

Spinning the wheel of fortune, truth or dare, a fancy dress competition wearing onesies, pairing the costumes according to personalities etc the entertainment with games can be endless. It will also give a chance to have light-hearted moments and indulge in creativity. Have a photo booth at the venue to capture all the craziness with onesies.

  1. Style and Comfort

When it comes to wearing onesies nothing beats its coZy comforting style and the fact that you can snuggle up in it anywhere. Whatever might be the weather a kigurumi always is the best costume when it comes to having enjoyable moments at a bachelorette.

  1. Social Strength

Go viral wearing Belife onesies! The bride and her team will look chic twinning their outfits even if it's on the beach. Create wacky hashtags like #teamdreaminpanda, #foxybride, #onesiessqaud, or #roseredbachelorette. Soon you will be trending for being the coolest team for wearing funky costumes.

  1. Accessories

No outfit is perfect without modish accessories, but Belife has you covered. They have an adorable accessories collection. So if you plan to lounge by the pool with your girls don’t forget to buy these attractive bathrobes or endearing slippers.

  1. It's not just the young!

Guess what onesies fit anyone and everyone! If you are fretting that you have men as your best friends and even older folks who want to be the guests for your super cool bachelorette. Onesies march with the changing times and perception, with its unisex design, can fit any size, shape and imagination. So now you can easily call anyone to be by your side and not only just a girl’s squad.

  1. Don’t Judge

We know a bride wants all white, classy and elegant theme for her fun party most of the time. But for once give these creative costumes a chance! They will turn your bash around and make it the most memorable time of your life.

We hope that all the above suggestions are feral enough for you to turn the party animal for your bachelorette. For once just go with your onesies intuition!