When everything is frosty and perpetually cold, all you need is one outfit that will keep you warm and cozy. While the average fashion-conscious crowd jumps between shiny puffer jackets, corduroy jumpsuits, turtleneck sweater, blankets and ponchos. There is one versatile fleece bodysuit that can give all of the above winter outfits a run for its money – Onesies. Belife has an enviable colourful, cozy collection, which you can make a permanent fixture for your wintry weather needs. And all of these costumes come under $100 which makes them insanely budget friendly. We have come up with some popular suggestions for that desirable winter wardrobe for you.

  1. Superhero

Embrace your inner superhero with this Batman onesies, it will not only keep you static hair snug under its bat hoodie but also give’s you a detachable hero’s cape to wrap your hands while on the outside. The mask is just the new trend to keep your nose from frosting. This statement-making outfit does not require any further elaboration.

  1. Scrumptious

Look yummy like a cupcake in this delightful Scrump costume, the powder blue body with tiny buttons looks attractive. The Hugh bow on the top of the hoodie gives the kigurumi a girlish charm. It also has deep pockets on the side to nestle your fingers on a cold winter night. The obsession with this cute outfit is easier to justify when you get style and functionality out of it.

  1. Hedgehog

Want to look like a giant marshmallow on a snowy day, then this hedgehog onesies is perfect for your frosty crimes. This environmental friendly body cocoon doesn’t need extra layers to look season appropriate. Stand out with this monochromatic outfit while you hit the various winter parties in town.

  1. Green Bear

Make a date with your couch and Netflix for the rest of winter with this cute green bear onesies. Hibernate until its spring with this polar fleece made bodysuit that promises to keep you toasty all the time. It is much more luxurious than any of the thermal jumpsuits in the market.

  1. Zebra

Tired with other animal prints especially the feral leopard one, then the zebra onesies is something that you will need to keep you happy with the jungle prints. An outfit with the pattern all over is an eye-catcher and a better alternative than bulkier knitter outwear.

If you start feeling fatigued out of your jeans, jackets, velvet blazers and leather trousers switch to gorgeous onesies instead. They look awesome and make a big difference in winter’s fuzzy wardrobe choice.