You are really not a fashionable person if you haven’t checked your social media chats and accounts for like the hundredth time in 30 minutes. It is a crazy addiction these days to keep up with all the trendy styles and the latest runway haute couture madness. Especially when it comes to onesies you can catch all the happenings in these five best places given below.

1. Instagram

It is a visual tour of all the closets in the world, be it from celebs to Instagram influencers and fashion bloggers. Everything is catalogued into one place and we viewers lap it up with our eyes. There are various hashtags that are dedicated to trending topics and the ones popular with onesies are - #onesies ND #babyonesies. Here you can take inspiration from all over the world in cosplaying. You can also see pictures of pets in onesies a trend that is picking up soon.

2. Pinterest

Another popular mode of following all the happenings in the fashion world is the mood boards on Pinterest. Something very girly and feminine but it has all the right trends in one place by fashionista around the world. Boards on onesies can be found to draw some inspiration into kigurumi dressing.

3. Snapchat

Making faces has a new meaning, with popular animal filters this social app has turned into a virtual zoo. Imagine wearing a kigurumi and having a matching virtual face to it. It is a fun app where users are allowed to go wild with their feelings and express themselves freely. Also you will get to view live events of all the behind the scene footages from the fashion world. The platform has even introduced the AR (augmented reality section) to have more virtual adventures.

4. Twitter

All the misadventures of the world are first tweeted here, if you want to check newsabout fashion on your fingertips without researching then just type the hashtag and see the results popping up in a sec. And yes! You will know exactly which onesies to wear for the party or lounge around in just a glance.

5. You Tube

Apt as its name its all about you as long as you are entertaining the world with you antics. You will find tonnes of video on onesies from fashion news, celebs, DIY’s, families wearing them, fashion influencers sporting them, airport style, and plenty more ways to play cosplay. Watch all these for being the trendsetter of the season.

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