Men have known to be obsessed about their looks more than women, but they can hide it successfully under all their machismo. When it comes to having fun and relaxing all men want is style and comfort. Onesies are the answer to both effortless style and lots of reasons to wear it on a regular basis. Since fashion lines have blurred and there is no stereotype anymore about onesies being the chic costumes style only for females. Males can also buy a formidable collection today and Belife has a wide range of adult onesies to choose from.

How men can create a comfort zone with onesies?

Airport/Vacation time

The Number One Rule of Kigurumi’s Is Comfort

Airport look has become a rage these days every celebrity tries to outdo the other when it comes to airport and vacation style. Onesies like the hedgehog or the wolf are some cute and wicked outfits for the journey. Not only they provide enough room space in a plane to relax the sore muscles, but also warm when it comes to journeying for a long distance. And it's not just the airports, but men can wear it for a long drive or train trips too.


There are men who love to spend time pimping up their rides in the garage or creating furniture, repairing around the house and sometimes cleaning their lawns. What is the best costume while doing all this manual work? A onesies of course! A shark onesies for the mechanic who can never stop playing with his tools sounds perfect.

The Number One Rule of Kigurumi’s Is Comfort


Men love to lounge in their dens and play video games or watch a soccer game with their buddies. Why not co-ordinate with friends and wear onesies like a mascot? A lion or tiger onesies for the opposite cheering teams. Black cats and chipmunks sound like a good idea too.

The Number One Rule of Kigurumi’s Is Comfort


Cosplay costume for dates? Why not? Once you have known your partner for too long and they know that you are goofy and comfortable in your own skin, then date nights wouldn’t have to be all about grooming. And if your girl loves to cuddle and watch movies, then you can certainly become a koala to score extra brownie points.  

Just put a coat over the onesies to turn it into a stylish outfit and go shopping or pub hopping with your buddies. Surprisingly fashion gurus argue that it is the women who are now buying onesies for their partners. So has the female perception of a perfectly dressed gentleman changed?  We can squabble on that for a next time.. till then men can continue relaxing in a pair of onesies!