Winter wardrobe is completely marked and stuffed into the corner of the wardrobe never to see the light of the day for the rest of the year. These bulky clothing's take much space and are a pain when it comes to wash them. But we have a warmer, lighter, more liberal, and funkier versions of winter clothes that you would love to collect.

And the best part is instead of hiding them you will love to flaunt them, these are – onesies! Belife has the perfect winter wardrobe collection, we have listed the most popular ones below for you to decide.

1. Eeyore


If you’re much of the Grinch who hates everything about the holidays and the cold weather then this Eeyore onesies is perfect for you. Snooze in bed all day and keep cussing how terrible the weather is or how you can’t go out anywhere. Except you won’t feel sore with all the complaining because you will be warm in this fleece long John!

2. Deer Chopper

Santa left his Rudolf by mistake, no not a reindeer but still appropriate to take part in all the festivities of winter. Cozy and cute this onesies will make you one happy deer.

3. Wolf

Wolf’s are known to be in packs during winter and hunt their prey except you will be raiding the refrigerator for snacks while on a movie break in front of the fireplace. And while you are wolfing down your snacks this onesies will keep you snuggled on the couch.

4. Santa


It's the time of the year and you want are out in the cold doing carol singing rounds in the vicinity. What better way to celebrate the Christmas spirit other than wearing a Santa onesies? And all the laughter you will give to the children as you distribute chocolates to them after carol singing. Enjoy cookies and milk Santa!

5. Elf 

The elf just packed all the presents and left them under the tree. Yes! You can be Santa’s helper with this colorful Elf onesies. Just don’t wake up the kids! While you lounge in your cozy jumpsuit.

6. Olaf

Imagine a live snowman singing Feliz Navidad! The snowman is so iconic even so in the Disney movies and Olaf is unforgettable character. You will love this Olaf onesies which is cute and has an adorable hoodie too.

7. Pink Dinosaur

Not scary or fearful, but powder pink dinosaur onesies that will fascinate you. It is cuddly and cute just like a big beast in fleece. Not to mention the free body shape so that you can move around easily.

8. Rose Red

A unicorn and rose are super combo, this unisex onesies can be worn by anyone in the house and yet feel the magic of winter.

9. Leopard

Snow leopard’s are majestic creatures who cannot be tamed even when the weather turns harsh. The chilly winds won’t affect you either in this snug onesies.  

10. Owl

White owl in the snow almost looks like a fur ball with wisdom, you to can be a wise crack in this onesies. Maybe turn to Harry Potter for some owl inspiration.