Onesies became a popular fashion sensation only after Ellen DeGeneres wore them on her show. Adult kigurumi’s have picked up pace since then; many lazy adults claim to own more than one pair and wish to lounge comfortably in a pair the whole day. Talk about a novel way to Netflix and chill! They have even gone ahead and topped the charts as a Holiday season gifting option. Comfortable fleece onesies are now the IT thing.

Unleash your Wild Side with Belife Onesies

Belife has gone ahead and built an enviable collection of adult onesies. There is clearly a theme going on when it comes to choosing the perfect footsie for you.

1. Animal Onesies

The whole jungle is present here, from tiger onesies, zebra, flying kangaroo, wolf and lemur onesies. Being wild while relaxing is the trendy style. Buy each one of these unique warm material and never feel the cold of winter freezing you this holiday season.

2. Character Onesies

Various cute cartoons and TV characters have turned into giant costumes. Would you turn into Blue Stitch, Sulley, Goofy Pluto, minion, Ali the fox, or Doraemon? Transform oneself into these wonderful characters. Maybe the whole family can turn this into a photo op for the yearly Christmas card. Dress up in different costumes and click pictures for the most memorable Holiday picture ever.

Unleash your Wild Side with Belife Onesies 

3. Water Animals

Shark attack or shark frenzy, there are many other water species to choose from like the walrus and the yellow duck. Water animal onesies are really cute to wear.

4. Holiday Theme

A skeleton in the closet or fat Santa bearing presents, you can be anyone you want. If not happy with either of these then try being a dinosaur.

Unleash your Wild Side with Belife Onesies

5. Magical Theme

There is a whole set of magical unicorn onesies with colorful tails and mono patterns. Dream like a unicorn or become a pink exquisite horse for the day. These will surely revive childhood memories.

6. Domestic Theme

A chesire cat or a lazy black cat which one suits better. Or you prefer roaming around the house wearing a cow kigurumi. Bring on the slothful side of yours alive, by the way there is a sloth onesies too!

Unleash your Wild Side with Belife Onesies

Clearly Belife wants you to have fun with its uniquely themed onesies, it is almost like unleashing your wild side. Maybe you could even take a warm trip in your car somewhere wearing one of these. Or simply snuggle at home with a hot cuppa!