Decades ago, if you would stroll into your office space in a Pj it would be a sign of tardiness and incompetence. Forget about hanging out in the street, shopping wearing Pj’s or attending a party altogether. Times have changed rapidly the front flap enabled bodysuit has comfortably turned into stylish costumes known as onesies. The onesies trend has gripped the international fashion scenes, celebrity circuits and the new generation alike. There are top fashion editors confessing why this trend seems to be catching on. Let’s look into some of the hottest reasons for sporting onesies for life.

  1. Snuggle Bear

Fashion editors have confirmed that these huge fleece jumpsuits are equipped to put you in a permanent mode of calm. They also insisted that the washing load decreased and minimal laundry, took place at home because you could lounge in a onesie for days. Not to mention the need to sleep blanketless as these were enough for warm snuggles.

  1. Pockets

Imagine having to wake up in the middle of the night and search for power snacks. That will soon be a thing of the past since onesies have deep pockets to keep tasty bits handy. Movie nights, long drives and shopping trips will be more fun when you can simply dip your hands in the pocket and eat away. Imagine where would you hide your Halloween treats!

  1. Multi-purpose

Be it airport style, bachelor/bachelorette party, destination parties, birthdays or anniversaries you can wear them anywhere and anytime. Combine them with chic accessories and they make for a complete trendy outfit.

  1. One for your personality

Dealing with multiple personalities, then their onesies for each of those colourful moments. Numerous character onesies and animal onesies are available to choose from. So is it a blue shark Monday? Or Ferocious Tiger Tuesday, we can imagine you wearing cute onesies according to your mood and style.

  1. Comic Con

With the arrival of separate fan bases for the specific character, you can experience unique kigurumi base by attending various adventurous comic cons. Dressed as your favourite character will make you stand out or you will find your onesies twin in the crowd. It's a win-win situation since you will end up making new friends with common interest. Maybe you could start a onesies community of your own.

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