Ever since Miley Cyrus twerked on stage wearing a unicorn kigurumi the world lost its senses and this trend caught on big time. It has totally become the mascot costume of the millennials. The most googled fashion item is not a pair of Gucci slippers or a Chanel jacket, but its the humble bodysuit – Onesies! That has achieved the star status within a few years. Once upon a time, it was considered as pure sin to wear these costumes, but in the new age, it's completely OK to hibernate wearing kigurumi’s the whole day.

Belife has an entire collection that will put even the best-dressed diva’s to shame if you decide on investing in these unique costumes. So what makes them so trendy?

  1. Mass Appeal

Onesies quickly jumped from being just the nightwear to the party outfit. It not only began developing in popularity among the student’s who loved to flaunt it around frat parties and wild night out’s but also among women who desired to simply snuggle in these cute costumes. It escalated from being just a winter fashion to the go-to outfit for any season. The unisex appeal made it the ideal wear for men, women and kids alike. There was no escaping from the wide variety and range of styles, design, size, shape, colours and moulded characters.

  1. Social Media

The more we wear the more we share. The kigurumi fan club seems to be overpopulating on the social media circles. It has become a part of our normal lifestyle and we feel a sense of community in sharing the same hashtags and tagging each other while twinning in the same costumes. For any style outfit to be successful, it has to be viral on the internet first and onesies have topped the charts. This nightwear has turned into a socially accepted tongue-in-cheek loungewear.

      3. The Rise of Normcore

Fashion lines have blurred on the runway as well as on the streets with more adaptation of the normcore style of dressing. Normcore is the acceptance to dress more of the hipster style and not in a particular gender way. Baggy clothes and loose accessories have become a trend. Onesies provide a sense of nostalgia too towards the 90’s style of fashion. Its freestyle design makes it possible for men and women to wear it comfortably. The zipper all the way protects from all weather elements and the chic hoodie is just a bonus.

  1. Low Utility

Gone are the days when you fuss over what to wear. Nobody notices these days, onesies don’t need layering or plenty of get-ups to make you look chic. You have to just slip it in between your legs like a pyjama and zip it up and you are good to go. No wasting time deciding which colour will match the occasion or which piece of clothing will fit with your accessories. Kigurumi’s itself is fancy and do not need added trimmings which makes them highly popular with the young crowd.

We know we have convinced you enough to join in the crazy bandwagon of kigurumi lovers. Believe in your choice and Belife awaits to make your wild imaginations into reality.