What pops into your mind when you think of buying the ultimate holiday present for your lady love? Chocolates? A vacation, maybe (which is good)? A pair of sexy lingerie? (eye roll) or just something cool and comfortable – like a onesies! Bet you never thought about it. But now that we mentioned you can always be a little more personal with onesies.

After all, you might know her favorite movie character or the way her personality matches with an animal or simply how she loves to cuddle with you on the couch. These things make the holidays special and Belife has just the right collection of kigurumi’s to gift to the one you love.

How onesies can be paired with any activity?


While reading a book you need to be curled up in your favorite place and pulling your heavy blanket all over the house will cause more disturbance than being cozy. Hence a onesies seems deemed fit for the occasion. This adult bodysuit is made out of softer material which looks lightweight but is super warm. So now never miss a chapter or a page as you can carry your book into the washroom too!


Dates can be a little awkward when it comes to winter, the layering and the perfect choice of jacket or coat will leave you frustrated for hours. Now with a onesies just put on some makeup and minimal accessories. And you are ready to hit the town, why you both can wear matching onesies for twining away in the cold night. Not to mention the heat will be turned on!

Why Women's Kigurumi Make an Excellent Present at Christmas Time

Periods can turn your gf into a monster especially when all she wants to do is eat and cuddle with her favorite movie. So buy her some lip smacking snacks, binge watch with her Netflix series, and cuddle away her blues. All in a onesies! A comfy outfit that will sooth her mood out. See we told you she is an angel!

Why Women's Kigurumi Make an Excellent Present at Christmas Time

Partying or attending Christmas markets can be turned into fun activities with both of you in a onesies. Even if the weather outside looks bleak you can be in the festive mood with a santa onesies or the elf onesies. Give a major competition to the ugly sweater trend and set some new winter couple goals.

Why Women's Kigurumi Make an Excellent Present at Christmas Time

Now you know exactly what to buy her for Christmas, have fun with the selection. Keep it a complete surprise or you can shop along with her online on Belife.