We all feel there is a need to feel warm and cozy during those cold, chilly days, evenings and it keeps us pondering more about what to wear that feels like a tepid embrace. That warmth usually comes by wearing many layers beneath, a body warmer, a pair of socks and furry boots. Well, if you stuff yourself so much, your flexibility and movements may go for a toss. Therefore, at Belife there is a premium range of clothing for you and your family that is a great escape from the winter woes.

All the pieces are made of fleece and flannel that goes easy and super-soft on skin, the animal Kigurumi can be your next best purchase in the winter season and the entire better as Christmas approaches. Yes, more than just being a furry suit, this Kigurumi collection is a promise in million ways, let’s see how:

More than a fursuit, Animal Kigurumi highlights Japanese street fashion

Yes, apart from its primary function to act as a beautiful and protective fursuit, these lovable Animal onesies are a hallmark of Shibuya and Harajuku fashion culture from Japan. Though it was quite popular in Japanese culture, still it got exposed to western countries only as recent as the year 2011.
Since then, it is recognized and well-acknowledged fashion attire. However, Belife has done a lot of improvisations to make it more consumers friendly.

These are huggable costumes for everyone, yes EVERYONE!

Age is just a number! Be adventurous, funny and high-spirited as soon as you adorn this wonderful garment. Daddy can go for that lion Kigurumi and be the king of his den, this can be a playful way to be the leader for the day, thus wearing this unisex animal Onesie for adults can be fun when playing with kids around the house.

What about a stroll about the park or a mall with your animal clad little one

These are so plush and fine-looking onesies that you won’t think twice before wearing them to a stroll along the park. No need to slip into multiple layers of warmers and stockings which refrain you from moving freely, rather try Belife range of clothing which has a range of fashion solutions.

These fleece and flannel outfits are extremely cordial to pack your little hoppers in it, to stay comfortable during those chilly spells of the day. These animal onesies for kids are available in all sizes, they are zippers and come with a lovely hoodie depending upon your favorite animal that you wish to be like.

The animal Kigurumi is the best for a themed get-together

Have you ever thought of going beyond the idea of this Kigurumi as a fur-suit? If not, then you should. Make your child feel special for this birthday party by setting up a unique theme where all the children have to dress up in Kigurumi animal Onesies. This way you will master the art, you can decorate the garden with a few bushes and trees, this way you can have your own private forest loaded with unlimited giggles chiming in your ears all day.

Therefore, this is the time to experiment and to rock and roll in these amazing animal onesies for the whole family, yet say gorgeous, relaxed and in vogue. Thus, time to pause and think; are they just those furs -suits or more?