The initial concept of onesies started off in the 1400’s as underwear for women. Later they gained popularity among men who donned it as extra layering during winter. Cut to 1940’s this comfy clothing was used by pilots during World War I as flight suits for protection against air raids.  Later the kigurumi’s were marketed as professional clothing for professions such as construction and mechanics.

In the present world these onesies are become icons of rock stars and celebs for it’s luxurious and breathable materials like flannel and cotton. Belife has an array of cosplay costumes that can be worn for sleepovers, innovative parties, and lounging around.

Here is how the concept of Onesies got introduced

Onesies many names:

Fun fact – Onesies are also known as Siren Suits, Union Suits, Long – Johns, Blanket sleepers, and Footie Pyjamas.

Pure Onesies History:

In the late 1940’s these cosplay costumes were even marketed and designed like swim suits. A few years later a man named Wiley Denton started the mass production of onesies as Dr.Denton’s Blanket Sleepers. They soon became popular among kids as bedtime clothing, the first zippers to onesies were introduced by Wiley Denton.

During war time it was political leader Winston Churchill, who made it extremely popular. He used to wear onesies to sleep over his bedtime clothing to have extra protection during nighttime air raids. In 2002 an anonymous bidder bought his original siren suit for over $39,000. During the late 90’s onesies were featured in tv shows like CSI and Mad TV. Some popular celebs even wore them to the Academy Awards in 2007. Today onesies are popular among kids and adults.

Here is how the concept of Onesies got introduced

Japanese History:

Kigurumi comes from coining two Japanese words kiru which means to wear and nuigurumi which means stuffed toy. Japanese artists have been known to wear Anime inspired costumes and this craze took over widely in the year 1999 in the countries UK, US, Russia, and Australia. Yuri Tsukino, a Japanese artist is said to be the first westerner to have started this trend in 2000. Kigurumex, the first Kigu group of Mexico and Latin America was started in 1998. Hikarinaka is said to have spread the love of kigurumi in Russia since 2006.

Here is how the concept of Onesies got introduced

Currently, Kigurumis are a fashion staple for streetwear and no longer limited to just anime characters. They now feature endearing cartoon characters and cute animals designs which can be shopped online through Belife. Thanks to this Japan’s craze the world has finally turned into an exciting experience for kigurumi lovers.