Whether its cringy, adorable or out right crazy we all have those holiday traditions that bring the family together. If you haven’t started a tradition already then we have some awesome ideas for the same. Don’t worry about what to wear and where to buy the perfect costumes for the occasion. We at Belife have everything sorted when it comes to wacky costume needs.

1. Bombing the Jungle

Kinda of twist to the fun group game bombing the city, each group can choose a particular animal onesies to wear for example bear family, lion family, tiger family and so on. Then mark four corners with different jungle names and begin rotating as the music is on. When the music stops pick out a chit to reveal which jungle has lost to man invasion. Last remaining team wins. This will also create environmental awareness among the young kids, the game can be followed with highlighting the harmful effects of ruining natural habitats.

2. Magic Castle

Holiday Traditions - Delectable Food, Bright Costumes, and Family Unity

A fantasy coming true by wearing colorful unicorn onesies, create a bake off by making rainbow cakes, cupcakes, sweets and candy jars. This theme can be a part of birthdays, anniversaries, holiday season, homecoming, graduation parties etc.

3. Hunting for gifts

An adventurous way to keep everyone busy during the holiday season. Create envelopes in the name of everyone with the location of their gifts hidden around the house. After dinner change into character onesies and hunt for the gifts with clues. Once found bring it back to the Christmas tree.

4. Onesies Exchange

Purchase cute and funny onesies from Belife and gift wrap them. Then draw out names from a hat and see who gets which onesies to wear for Christmas eve. They have to lounge around in those onesies the whole day, even if it means going out of the house to buy stuff or take a drive around the town.

Holiday Traditions - Delectable Food, Bright Costumes, and Family Unity

5. Gather at the same place wearing onesies

Pick a venue and show up with friends and family wearing the same onesies for a large twining party. This way no one will get lost in the crowd! Also you can do carol singing in the onesies and give a cool name to the group every year.

6. Sharing is Caring

Holiday Traditions - Delectable Food, Bright Costumes, and Family Unity

No harm in buying onesies for the needy and homeless. Holiday season is ruled with the spirit of sharing, so you can always buy a pair of onesies for your deprived neighbour and spread lots of holiday cheer.

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