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Hippo Onesie - Fleece

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What is large, and a fairly good swimmer? This hippo! While hippopotami (or hippopotamuses, your pick!) may seem like innocent creatures, hippos are actually pretty intense. Did you know a hippo can outrun a human being? Did you know they are somewhat related to whales? Did you know they are one of the most aggressive and unpredictable animals ever? Wow, hippos are so cool.

  • Material: Polar Fleece
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Shoes exclude
  • Awesome nostrils
  • Pockets to stuff your hooves in
  • Cute hippo teeth

Japanese Street Fashion

Kigurumi animal onesies first appeared in Japan in the late ‘90s. It quickly became a staple of Shibuya and Harajuku fashion culture, and has remained an iconic part of Japanese street style. Despite this popularity, Kigurumi remained virtually unknown to the Western world until about 2011.

Cosplay for Everyone

Kigurumi wearers love the fantasy aspect of becoming their favorite animal in a fun and playful way. It’s like wearing a stuffed animal -- by putting on a Kigurumi, you instantly become huggable.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Kigurumi are about breaking the conventions of traditional attire and taking a trip to the fringes of normalcy. It's more fun over here.

Kigurumi – or Kigu – are quite possibly the coziest thing you will ever wear. They’re fabulous for keeping warm during a cold spell and for standing out from the crowd in the classroom, office, or club.

Lasting Quality

Belife pays great attention to detail and uses the highest quality material, ensuring your Kigurumi will last.

Kigurumi are machine washable.

Kigurumi Nightlife

Kigurumi have been spotted at pub crawls and festivals across the country. Any place there are people looking for a little escape from their everyday lives, you can find kigurumi.

Kigurumi Outdoors

Kigurumi enthusiasts have taken their onesies to the ends of the earth and the edge of the heavens.

Kigurumi Inclusivity

Kigurumi bring people together, be it a company party, family reunion, or just a few friends hanging out.

Kigurumi for Kids

Belife Kigurumi come in many sizes including Kid-Sized, ensuring the little ones won’t miss out on the fun of Kigurumi.

Fleece VS Flannel


  • Natural fiber
  • Made of wool and cotton
  • Flannel is brushed soft on both sides. This allows flannel to feel very soft on your skin
  • It is versatile and highly-absorbent. It stays warm when the temperature is cold or cool
  • It is a great quality fabric but tends to stretch out or deform after frequent washing


  • Man-made fiber
  • Derived of polyester
  • It is made of layers of thread that makes it a thick material. Hence, provides excellent insulation
  • It is also a remarkable material, although man-made fabric, it does not wear out or deform easily
  • It also gives off smooth and soft feeling on the skin. But due to its thread that is thicker compared to flannel, it is not very breathable

By the time you have reached this point, you should have learned enough about your sleep style to decide if flannel or fleece are best for you. May I make a suggestion? Buy both. You need both for different (and for the same) reasons. Mixing and matching them also might be your best option for finding cold weather sleeping comfort. Go ahead!

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Hippo Onesie - Fleece

Hippo Onesie - Fleece

$32.99 USD